Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Say Love Is Still There


“I still don’t know if we’re doing it right, but I know we both get up and choose each other every day,” Twilight actress Nikki Reed said on Instagram in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary in April 2019. .

We accomplished a lot together, laughed a lot and laughed a lot. Despite everything, we remained each other’s strongest supporters. The Weekly confirmed the relationship in 2014. They have since had a daughter named Bodhi Soleil and they continue to express their love for each other at every opportunity.

Somerhalder spoke candidly about her desire to have a family with the Thirteen actresses before Bodhi was born in July 2017.

Oh, one day I will have wonderful children with my gorgeous bride. Without a doubt,” he told Modern Luxury magazine in October 2016. The Louisiana native continued to praise Reed’s praise after the birth of their daughter.

“As a mother, business owner, son, sister, wife and friend, you have been such an inspiration to me. For his wife’s birthday in May 2020, the Lost star praised him for “holding the castle like a BOSS.”

“He’s able to work several jobs, run his own business, and dedicate his time and energy to my crazy life, my job, my foundation, etc. You’re the only person I know who can dedicate.

While still managing to be a full-time parent. You are unbelievably amazing and everything about you blows my mind. You have taught me so much with your kindness and unmatched capacity for love.

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Here’s What Ian Somerhalder Said About While Admiring His Wife Nikki Reed.


The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM Radio Andy in February 2021 that “communication” is the secret to their relationship’s success. When Cohen asked about her generosity as a lover, she said, “Of course,” and she said that sex is “about generosity and compassion and giving, you know, it’s all about sharing equally, it’s about sharing.”

In September 2014, Somerhalder and Reed displayed some PDA while drinking coffee in Beverly Hills. The actress also appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to perform with her ex-husband Paul McDonald and their band.

After nearly three years of marriage, Reed filed for divorce from the American Idol season 10 finalist in May 2014.

A big, cheerful family! In October 2014, Reed and Somerhalder appeared in an Instagram photo with their gorgeous dogs Nietzsche and Enzo. “A day spent with three of the most fascinating women in the world… Wow, smiling is a good part of being human; “I highly recommend it,” Somerhalder gushed.

“Thank you for contributing so much of your life and being a powerful voice for those who can speak. You earned my admiration. You amaze me Hugs Ian”


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