I will not forget Jerusalem


For me, this is not only one of the most prestigious festivals in the world.

It’s not just a space dedicated to movie fans, here, Quentin Tarantino, Amos Gite or Savi Gabizon After finishing in Rome last month, I was fortunate enough to get Before New York next January, Showing the movie I made Mark Russell.

Really, because it is Jerusalem.

This is an opportunity After eighteen months of madness Corvidian, To return to this region of both existence and the world, a city no less than geography in spirit.

The old city of Jerusalem.

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The stone Jerusalem. The breath of Jerusalem. The sandy texture of Jerusalem’s residential houses is light and light. In Jerusalem, the people of ghosts resting in sleeplessness.

The name of the Messiah will appear there with white letters. A teacher in Talmud said that he did not know whether it was the name of the Shroud, the name of the new book page or the name of the living rock.

The flame of words spoken, shouted, prophesied within its walls. I have always felt that although these are inaudible and unreadable, even if they are forgotten or repeated without loyalty or grace, they still have enough power to free us from some of our chains.

He was waiting for her in Jerusalem. Hope to be in Jerusalem.The time of static, paused, and suddenly strange fanaticism has passed, or has not passed, in Jerusalem.

The scent of history and anti-history; life trapped in the longitude of the years, however, we guess that it has lost its essence in its latitude; that way of thinking about infinity, that word is ephemeral and marble at the same time—still All the characteristics of an indomitable Jerusalem.

One morning more than fifty years ago, on the seventh day of the Six-Day War, this was the first hill that appeared before my eyes: they were very similar to the mirage separated from the blue river that Lamartine saw. The sky and the sky. The black background of the Mount of Olives.

This is what another traveler, Joseph Kessel, said of the sky. It was never really above, but to the right, left, down, or high: it blends so well with the horizon So that people might say yes? A blue plain, where rumors for centuries are circulating, where the highest thoughts are kept, where are strange birds guarding?

here it is Wailing wall, The wall of all the tears I saw-at the same time, for the first time-through the general’s fanatical eyes Moses Goose, He just released it and gave it to his brothers in Adam.

This is the intact stone he told me. A few days later, in the same summer, near Beer Sheva, at the end of a long path, through the landscape of rocks and boulders, it seemed to be torn apart by the hand of God, A Jewish Cincinnati Jew named David Ben Gurion also believed that the remains of the temple belonged to all nations.This is the holy city The great intellectual rebel Isaias or Leibovitz They believe that it is not only the home of prayer for seventy countries, but also the only city in Israel that is not negotiable in terms of ontology.

I have never forgotten Jerusalem.

I always value the voice of the wise; I always remember, just like in a poem, forgetting will run the risk of seeing my right hand wither, and the right hand of my writing has forgotten everything.
Twenty years ago, Benny Lévy, Alain Finkielkraut and I established a vibrant and brotherly Levinas InstituteIn our opinion, it cannot be located anywhere else in the world.

It was there. Fifteen years ago, in my first novel “The Devil in the Mind”, I did not hesitate to put the last trip, flight and the death of my hero Benjamin there. He was in I looked like a brother was crushed.

I heard it in the spring of 1979 Menachem Beckin Dreaming loudly Abraham Agreement -These are his words! -Arab countries opposed to the existence of Israel.

When I returned from the West Bank city of Jenin in 2002, there had just been a battle used by anti-Semitists to re-legitimate the Jewish state. I saw salon, Very tired and frustrated, made a prediction of a complete withdrawal from Gaza before me.

I often visit that great Israeli there—the last one? ——My friend Shimon Peres (Shimon Peres).

It’s there, with Amos Oz, founding member of the magazine La Règle du jeuNext to him, I meditated on the meaning of the Talmud proverb, which said that two righteous people-for example, an Israeli and a Palestinian-“not necessarily speak the same language.”

It is there that an irresistible force draws me at all key moments in my life, when I need to breathe, regain strength, seek other higher perspectives, or capture the echo of things I have not yet been able to think about.
One day I will record all these thoughts in detail.

But today I am here.

That’s why I am very happy to show this film in Jerusalem on Sunday, November 28, which is today, the Day of Light.


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