‘I have no fun’, Quartararo frustrated after French GP


Finishing fourth at this Sunday’s French Grand Prix, MotoGP World Champion Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) is well aware that he attributes the position to his opponent’s fall, not his bike’s performance, which would never allow such a result to be achieved.

Fabio QuartararoFourth place French Motorcycle Grand Prix On Sunday, thought he was “not a champion favorite.” Although he was four points ahead of Spaniard Aleix Espargaro (Aprilia) at the World Championships, Quartararo admitted he had no fun in the race: “I couldn’t find the fun that the test brought me,” he admitted.

Starting in 4th, the reigning world champion dropped to 8th at the start of the race and then found himself fighting for a podium but was never able to gain the upper hand due to his bike potential preventing him from attacking as much as he did wish.

“You have to be strong…”

“I need a bike that will give me a chance to overtake,” he pleads almost angrily. I don’t have a chance to create an overtake. Nakagami passed me on the straight and I passed him straight on the third corner because he had just Passing me, I managed to stay glued. But once the drivers are five or ten meters away, it’s impossible to try anything, they all brake late. There’s not much more we can do in the MotoGP World Championship. This That’s where I struggled, I couldn’t take that step forward. »

Quartararo was pessimistic but didn’t fully concede defeat, crediting his fourth place to luck: “I finished fourth, but the three riders in front of me fell and Marc (Marquez) made a mistake in front of me …I was lucky, everyone else had problems. We had a hard time overtaking. One small mistake and your race result is over. I’m not even mad. I’m used to it, I have no room for error. This is earned Experience. These are not good times in the past, but it is and we have to be strong.


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