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I’m Vanessa Guillen released on Netflix on November 17, 2022. The world seemed to have almost completely stopped when it became clear what might have happened to Vanessa Guillén. According to a 16- and 17-year-old American soldier stationed at Fort Hood, he allegedly reported to his parents that he was sexually assaulted at the facility before he was killed.

Mayra Guillén explains her choice to continue with the documentary: “I did this for America, our troops and Vanessa. With the Academy we have established in your honor, I will ensure that your honor and achievements are recognized all over the world. The soldier must be held accountable.”

Forensic experts also discovered that the harassment was no longer related to Guillen’s murder and was not committed by his veteran friend who allegedly shot him in 2020. The direct result of their handling of the Guillen-specific event.

After her disappearance, Guillen told her family that a Seargent in Fort Bragg had physically abused her and that other female soldiers reported experiencing similar behavior, but the issue had previously been denied.

In the film, members of Guillen’s immediate family describe the changes they observed in Guillen’s behavior and appearance before he disappeared.

The preview shows how members of the Hispanic community came together to give a voice to these young people who were previously ignored and included by the authorities. We watch as Guillen’s family seek justice for their loved ones.

In the documentary’s synopsis, “When a beautiful Young woman disappears from a US Army facility, her family leads a global coalition to rescue her to expose the persistent wrongs within the rank structure.”

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I’m Vanessa Guillen Release Date


Vanessa Guillen had always wanted to join the U.S. Army, but disappeared after raising allegations of sexual misconduct in Fort Hood, Texas. It will be released on November 17 Netflix.

When you zoom out, it’s clear there’s an organizational issue, Patio claims. “The research discovered people who were obviously excellent leaders, who truly cared about their soldiers and fully grasped the consequences.” I don’t believe most of these people acknowledge or express this.

Christy Wegener’s hour-and-a-half documentary tells the gruesome story that sparks worldwide anger and a community, including victims of abuse, who demand justice. Subtitles are available as some of the family members speak Spanish.

The documentary Ben Vanessa Guillen follows the family’s lawsuits while suing the US military, claiming that she had already been sexually assaulted even before she died. Under the hashtag #IAmVanessaGuillen, Vanessa’s sisters Lupe and Mayra got Vanessa’s name in demonstrations that ran from the street to the corridors of power in Washington DC.


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