“I am expected every day”: Nigerian woman screams as goats surround her in her home (Video)


A young woman identified as Ebue Jennifer had the internet buzzing after sharing a video of her goats (kids) being bottle-fed with milk.

According to Jennifer, the mother goat died after giving birth to the twins and they were orphaned.

This was what prompted her to give them a bottle of milk and now the kids chase her every day. Sometimes, she is prevented from going to work because they believe that she is her mother.

Reacting to this, @leah_posh said: “Don’t go to nne ewu oo 😂😂😂😂 you better take them back to work or 😂😂… I can’t stop laughing.”

@ayomide_23 said: “Aww cute but the na pot dey wait for them 😂😂”.

@immaculatefragrances said: “They think you’re their mom 😂😭.”

@doctorcharis said: “They will follow you wherever you go 😂😂”.

@jadapinkett14 said: “Babies your mom is lovely until she’s ready to cook unno down 😂😂😂.”

@registeredlunatic said: “You’re their mother now, you can’t ignore them.”

@poa0009 said: “This is so cute 🥰”.

@papakwesi996 said: “Pepper soup is the final destination.”

@ama_reina said: “Now you are automatically his mother 😂😂😂 Thanks for being nice.”

@adorrarosan said: “Are you fit to cut Dem like this? 😂😂😂😂.”

See video below:


Na run I still run like this 🥹🥹🥹 #viralvideo #fyp

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