I-65 serial killer identified: Harry Edward shot three women and raped another


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authorities Indiana (USA) It has been identified author of Murder of three women and sexual assault Survivor whose case has remained unsolved for more than 30 years.

Due to advances in science and technology, the National Police pointed out Harry Edward Greenwell, a person with an extensive criminal history died in 2013, Responsible Nickname “The Day Inn Murder” or “I-95 Interstate”.

Greenwell, 1987-1990 attacked four young men Different motels near the highway between Kentucky and Indiana: Killed Vicki Heath, Peggy Gill and Jeanne Gilbert, Another woman was sexually assaulted and executed.

Vicky Heath, Jenny Gilbert, Margaret “Peggy” Gill.

new genetic approach

It wasn’t long before police linked the four crimes through ballistic evidence and DNA analysis, but the investigation into the unknown author didn’t progress until 2019, when an FBI task force stepped in. A new way to investigate family trees.

The approach, which combines DNA analysis with traditional genealogy research and historical records, can generate new clues in unsolved violent homicides and help name some victims.

Authorities entered the suspect’s DNA data extracted from the crime scene into a genetic database to find his family tree and They found Greenwell’s next of kin.

Genetic matching with that relative determined ‘Greenwell was More than 99 percent of the people were responsible for the attack. “

The FBI agent in charge of the case, Herbert Stapletonapplauding the advances in technology and inter-agency collaboration that have made it possible to identify the killer and provide answers to “the families of Vicki, Peggy and Jeanne, as well as the surviving victims.”


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