Hush & Hush: one of the leading nutricosmetics brands arriving in Spain


Hush & Hush It is one of the world’s leading luxury nutricosmetic brands and is now arriving in Spain. With the slogan “The secret is science”, this brand immerses itself in the needs and wishes of the modern consumer with formulas that are adapted to inner and outer health, well-being and beauty.

Nutricosmetics is here to stay / Gtres

In recent years, interest in nutricosmetics has increased. And it is that in addition to taking care of ourselves on the outside, it is important to take care of our body on the inside, as this has a direct relationship to our appearance. For these purposes, Hush & Hush is one of the most prominent brands worldwide luxury nutricosmetics and now it’s coming to Spain for the first time. With the motto “the secret is science”, the company focuses on the customer’s needs with formulas adapted to internal and external health, focused on well-being and beauty.

Created by the German plastic surgeon Dr. Ronert, who has revolutionized the industry with his scientific secrets that delay aging. Ronert is a plastic surgeon from the University of Miami and a doctor of medicine from the prestigious HHU University in Düsseldorf. He is also a graduate of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a leader in biomedical research and patient care, and is a certified member of European Board of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The specialist personally leads the development of all Hush & Hush products. His extensive medical and scientific education drives his mission to discover new evidence-based methods for slowing and reversing skin aging.

Each product in the series is personally formulated by Dr. Ronert, who realizes that youth and longevity stem from a holistic approach to cellular health: “I have made research and refinement of the latest trends into a life’s passion and technology for skincare. As a plastic surgeon, I have always been interested in scientific ways to slow down or reverse the aging process. As a researcher, I have a unique perspective on what drives demand and innovation in the sector “, he has assured on several occasions.

The main line of Hush & Hush consists of three supplementseach with a specific role for public health and well-being

Plant your day

It is the perfect complement to the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you do not have time to eat your breakfast quietly, this herbal protein powder is super green and super food rich in fiber and healthy carbohydrates are the perfect substitute. In addition, it provides enough energy throughout the day and keeps the stomach full until the next meal.

Think about your mind

A body in peace is a healthy body, but when daily stress gets in the way, mental turmoil can take over and it can be difficult to find your zen moment. Adequate rest gives you the opportunity to increase mental well-being and general health. To sleep well every night, this supplement relaxes the mind and body, helps to fall asleep and maintain it, reduces mental disorder.

Hush & Hush
This is one of the extensions / Courtesy

Time capsule

It is well known that it is necessary to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, pollution and the environment with products for local use. However, the interior is also important. Protect your body from within with this formula that reverses the signs of aging and prevents future damage. Dr. Marc Ronert believes that it is the daily dose of multivitamins with benefits for beauty because it protects against environmental damage, pollution, sun exposure and damage caused by blue light.

However, new products will soon be available to customers, focused on facial care and hair growth, created based on organic products and scientific formulas to provide unique treatments with guaranteed results. Among these launches are Deeply rooted, the specific supplement for hair care and Protect up, which supports the immune response. In addition, the facial range will be available, with three specific products for hydration, skin glow and against the effects of acne.

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