Hundreds of feminists showed their support for Montero in Vallecas


Hundreds of women supported the Minister for Equality, Irene Monterothis afternoon in the march called by the Commission 8M Vallecas on the occasion of the 25N. The concentration, which took place surrounded by a total release and a reduced sentence for rapists and sexual aggressors thanks to the law of the only yes is yesshowed his support for Montero by shouting “this is happening to us because of some judges who are angry!”, contrary to the march called by the Madrid Feminist Movementin which his cessation was sung.

The head of equality was accompanied by the spokesperson of Unidas Podemos at the Madrid Assembly, Alejandra Jacintoand by the candidate for mayor of Madrid of Unidas Podemos, Roberto Sotomayorwith whom a sincere hug was given on arrival.

Unlike the march called by the Feminist Movement of Madrid, in which the impeachment of Montero was chanted and in which several PSOE ministers took part, in Vallecas the participants showed their support for Montero. Upon arrival, songs such as “Irene, my sister, here is your pack” That is “If they touch Irene, they touch us all”.

The protest, led by a band of drummers who provided a festive atmosphere, also displayed posters of “#yoconIrene” or “feminists aren’t stopped by Vox”.

Montero avoided making statements, while spokespersons for the 8M Commission Vallecas called on institutions to be free from machismo and to make laws to have more egalitarian lives.

The organizers of the demonstration avoided commenting on the songs demanding the resignation of the minister in another concentration and showed their intention of directing their slogans towards the defense of women. “We are protesting so that we are believed, so that we have visibility, so that this ends now,” added spokespersons for the 8M Vallecas Commission platform.


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