Hundreds cry out in Galicia against trawling veto


A Coruña (EFE).- Several hundred people shouted this Saturday in Galicia to protest against the European veto on trawling in a mobilization that brought together all the parties represented in Parliament -PPdeG, PSdeG and BNG-, trade unions and members of Le sector.

The mobilization held in Ribeira (A Coruña) took place behind the banners ‘Sen o mar morremos (Without the sea we die)’ and ‘Coidar o mar yes, but not like that (Take care of the sea yes, but not like that) ‘.

A moment of the concentration held today, Saturday, in the town of Coruña de Ribeira in defense of the Galician fleet and to protest against the veto of the European Commission on trawling. EFE/Lavandeira jr.

The objective has been to defend the Galician fleet and to protest against the European Commission regulation which comes into force tomorrow Sunday and which restricts trawling in 87 areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

A recent qualification authorizes it up to 400 meters deep, although the government has already filed an appeal with the Court of Justice of the European Commission.

BNG: This is an arbitrary decision by the European Commission

BNG national spokeswoman Ana Pontón said in statements to the media that “this veto has no justification, neither from a scientific point of view nor from an economic point of view”.

“It is an absolutely arbitrary decision by the European Commission which means leaving two hundred ships ashore, limiting the production capacity of this country and, therefore, destroying jobs and wealth at a time like this,” he said. said Ponton.

After the government’s appeal, he believes that a “moratorium proposal” is necessary because the legal process “may take years and the fishing capacity” of Galicia may be destroyed.

“Monday is going to be a very complicated day at sea. Many people do not know if their activity will be profitable”, he lamented while blaming “a European Commission in which the right is the majority”.

PSdeG: Galicia without its fishermen is not Galicia

PSdeG secretary general Valentín González Formoso assured journalists that the mobilization is “a cry to the European Union” that “Galicia without its fishermen, without its fleet, is not Galicia”.

He demanded “to be next to the world of the sea” both in favor of the resource proposed by the government and across the parties, since he defended that “the fleet is a strategic sector of the economy and Galician society”.

“We need a political front so that the European Commission, chaired by the European People’s Party, takes a step back and begins to respect the Galician fleet, begins to respect Galician traditions and begins to respect this plurality that exists in Europe under different forms of life,” added González Formoso.

PPdeG: Hard blow for Galicia

The general secretary of the PPdeG, Paula Prado, also present alongside the second vice-president of the Xunta, Diego Calvo, and the Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, had declared in the morning that the veto “is a very heavy blow for Galicia” and called it an “unfair and uncertain decision for Galicia”.

“It is the result of the ecological radicalism that prevails in the European Union,” said Prado before estimating the impact of the standard at 4,400 crew members and more than 800 million euros.

The general secretary of the CIG union, Paula Carril, demanded “answers to deal with the blow to Galician fishing, which threatens thousands of jobs”, he reports in a press release.

Web edition: Marina González


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