HReV Boosts Your Engine – Honda Announces HR-V Release Date


“In the early morning of April 4th, a gun shot in the Memphis sky” – one of my favorite ’80s rock songs, as did the lyrics to U2’s great “Pride (In the Name of Love),” referring to the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr., of course, on a decisive spring day.

Now that I’ve removed this thread from the list of possible references, let me move on to what happened next April 4th – much more serious than the death of a rights activist citizen.

The packaging for the 2023 Honda HR-V comes off.

I know you’re excited about the next generation of Honda’s smallest crossover. Well, this may or may not be sarcasm – read what you want. In fact, all I know is that Honda claims this is all part of a larger event it considers to be the “Year of the SUV.” No further details were provided, but that presumably means the brand plans to launch several new or redesigned SUVs in 2022.


As far as the details of the upcoming HR-V go, all we can do is the photo above. No other details were released.

Those familiar with automotive calendars will note that the release date is about a week before the 2022 New York Auto Show press conference. Presumably (that word again) Honda wants to steal the show ahead of Javits’ entire plan of action — and it could also mean the car will be in showrooms for reporters to grope and photograph.

[Image: Honda]

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