How Xavi’s team plays: wide wingers, high pressure, possession … A clear style.


Xavi Hernandez getting close to becoming Barcelona coach since his two-year period as a coach Al-sadd in Qatar seems to be coming to an end.

Xavi You enjoyed a great start to his coaching career as Al-sadd boss, leading them through a period of supremacy in Qatar, with a team that boasts 10 total Qatar national team players.

MARCA has been keeping a close eye on his progress as we traveled to Qatar just last week to watch his team’s training sessions and matches, and here are some key takeaways we learned about how Xavi Hernandez side games.


“My teams have to deal damage because of the possession of the ball,” Xavi recently said the Voice of Coaches.

“Ball possession is the best way to protect yourself.”

His Al-sadd The team has a very high percentage of ball possession, although this may be a direct result of the superiority of its players.

Xavi reveals his coaching secrets: “The most beautiful thing in football is possession of the ball.”

Wide wingers

Another of XaviClearly he wants to make full use of the open-winger width; something less common today, given that the role of the traditional striker has gone out of style.

With Al-sadd I used a teenager Akram Afifwho is currently the best player in Qatar, on the left, and Xavi will seek to use wings to do damage Barcelonaopponents.

High pressure

V XaviOn the side, everyone defends when the team is out of possession and the team is pushing their opponents high on the field.

“The more we play the ball, the closer we are to the opponent’s penalty area”, Xavi said.

Xavi’s master class: overcome the opponent’s low block, protect yourself from counter-attacks …

Positional play

Positional play is one of the key factors BarcelonaDNA, and it was best represented during Pep Guardiolaspell, trainer Xavi considered the best in the world right now.

Positional play is all about creating numerical superiority all over the field to hurt the enemy, and Xavi will seek to establish that once again, as at the Camp Nou.

Play from the back

This is one of the distinguishing features of him Al-sadd sides that almost always try to build momentum to launch their attacks, despite the fact that their players are of lower quality than in Spain.

“When you take out the ball, there is no way to protect the third person,” he said. Xavi

“Imagine [Gerard] Pique want to play ball with me but i’m marked. Someone notes me, a very annoying guy.

“It is clear that Pique can’t give it to me, it’s obvious, so I leave and take my marker with me. after [Lionel] Messi enters and becomes the second man.

Pique this is the first, Messi the second, and I am the third. And this happens all the time. Playing like this from the back always creates superiority. ”

These are some of the commandments Xavifootball, and he will strive to present them with great success when he takes over the leadership of his childhood club.

“We want people to enjoy watching my team,” he said. Xavi

“My style is undeniable and this is how we want to hurt our opponents.”

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