How will Putin’s mobilization affect Russian athletes: will they go to war?


inVladimir Putin RussiaThe Russian president on Wednesday ordered a massive military mobilization to repel Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

About 300,000 reservists are expected to go to the front lines to fight in the war. And questions began to arise about which of the citizens of Russia would be among the 300,000 mobilized.

The Russian media “Sport-Express” is trying to shed light on the doubts that have arisen about athletes in general.

“About 300,000 reservists will be called up from among citizens with military-technical specialties that are important for the army. Specific draft lists will be formed locally, and politicians still find it difficult to say how much this will affect our sport, according to Russian media, which, nevertheless, gives some clues as to who may be called up for this mobilization.

“If the athletes are soldiers or reserve officers, up to 35 years old they can theoretically be called up as part of partial mobilization. Contracts with professional sports clubs do not prevent this.”

What is Putin’s mobilization?

“It is planned to call on people with “combat experience” (apparently, they mean operations in the North Caucasus and Syria). It is unlikely that there will be many such candidates among athletes,” Sport-Express notes, insisting: “It is unlikely that the presidential decree will affect active athletes in droves.

However, since the rules for this mobilization for each zone are not yet known, the uncertainty is highest in Russia. Svetlana Zhurova, a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, admitted that it is too early to say whether this will affect the sport, although it opens the door:

“I don’t even know yet. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will inform. But mostly athletes in officer ranks, if they were in CSKA or Dynamo.

“Those who passed through the sports companies had military specialties, which means they are likely to fall into partial mobilization.”

Which of the athletes and athletes supported Putin?

Putin “invited” several athletes to his rally in Moscow last May at Luzhniki. In attendance (and wearing Z supports) was Evgeny Rylov, world and Olympic champion in swimming; figure skaters Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov, world dance champions 2021, Vladimir Morozov; ski jumpers Irina Avvakumova and Evgeny Klimov, who took second place in the mixed competitions of the Beijing Winter Games, artistic gymnasts Viktoria Ustinova (16) and Vladislava Uzarova (17), champions of the Olympic team in Tokyo, and twins Dina and Arina Averina, gymnasts in the national team Russia in rhythm and members of the army club CSKA.


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