How well do you know your sushi? A new 3D puzzle from Japan will help you become a salmon pro


Make your dreams of becoming a Japanese sushi chef come true with this fun educational toy.

In recent years, Bandai Namco’s Megahouse has been releasing 3D puzzles that give you a closer look at some of the pieces of meat you eat and exactly where it comes from.

▼ How exactly where does it come from.

These puzzles are not only fun to use – they’re also educational, and after teaching us all the different cuts of beef and bluefin tuna, Bandai Namco is adding a new product to its range.

▼ King Salmon

Consisting of a total of 34 pieces, this puzzle gives us an insight into what a sushi chef has to deal with on a daily basis. It even comes with a mini sushi knife so you can fulfill your dreams of being a sushi pro.

Once you have skinned the fish by removing the outer casing, you will see different pieces, all individually labeled with their names in Japanese to show where they came from.

An explanatory card is included with the kit so you can test your knowledge of famous cuts such as “harami(はらみ) and rare pieces such as “harass” (はらす) and “Sujiko(すじこ).

▼ Also, this guide will help you put the puzzle back together if you get stuck.

After removing various parts – yes, even the eyeball can be removed for more adventurous guests – you can use some of them to create your own sushi.

▼ Two mounds of “shari” (vinegar rice) are included for making sushi.

And when you’ve finished your hands-on sushi lesson for the day, you can replace all the parts and decorate the fish on the included rack for your next lesson.

▼ Something you can’t do with real salmon.

Buy one!! King Salmon puzzle to unfold“, as it’s called, will be available in hobby and toy stores in Japan starting late November for 1,980 yen (US$14.02). Bandai Namco says these 3D puzzles are recommended for anyone over the age of six and have been well received by adults and children alike, both domestically and internationally.

It’s a clever way to find out more about the food you eat and where it comes from, and if you want to know more about pork, there’s also a riddle that’s edible!

Reference: Megahouse
Source, images: PR times

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