Today, I will share with you my formula on how I write a perfect blog post that will generate thousands of views and followers for your blog post every month.

Have you checked out thousands of blog post looks exactly similar these days? It`s no coincidence thousands of bloggers write a blog post in almost the same format just to generate the proper amount of traffic or to edge out their competitors.

Writing a blog post that generates thousands of traffic takes time and effort, but with the right formula and necessary applications, it`s almost certain your blog post will generate thousands of page views in weeks.


Have you ever written a blog post? Are you a newbie when it comes to writing a blog? If you are new or you have been writing a blog post for a while, it doesn’t matter because you will be getting the perfect formula that has generated thousands of views and followers for my blog.

The formula I will be sharing with you works from B to C, B to B, Personal blog, corporate blog post and any other type of post you might be interested in writing today.

I will be explaining the formulas in different sections.


Writing a blog post requires an enticing title or headline. It`s not advisable to start writing your blog post except you`re with an enticing title to attract readers. In a recent study by co-schedule, It shows that 8 out of 10 will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will click to read the rest of your article.

In a recent visit to a store, I discover tens of magazines in prints have fantastic headlines like;

“How to lose weight in 7 days”, “Get a free ticket when you subscribe”, “How to satisfy your spouse”, “Cooking the right way” and many more. Seeing those headlines will prompt a few to look at the magazines, but if you are a reader like me and the topic is a major concern personally or for business, I will definitely pick one up to read.

You can always pick up some magazine for inspiration or use the common generic ones like; “How to”, Fast ways to” and many more.

If you`re struggling to come up with your own headline or you have no tool to help you with an engaging headline, let me use this opportunity to introduce a fantastic free tool to help you cover your headline or title struggles.


This free tool helps score the headline according to common words used, an emotion passed in the word, power word used and how efficient you carrying out your headline. The tool gives a total score of 100% after your title submission. If your score is 60+% above, I believe that`s good enough for a start.

  • Go to head analyzer co-schedule website
  • Sign up
  • Confirm your e-mail
  • Write your title
  • Click analyzer
  • Wait for your score
  • Optimize your title if you`re not happy with the score


A second step that you need to follow is “The Introduction”. I know it`s just an introduction, but you need to hook people with a bold statement. If you go back to the beginning of this article, you realize I hooked to reading the post with the following; “Today, I will share with you my formula on how I write a perfect blog post that will generate thousands of views and followers for your blog every month.”

Writing your introduction shouldn`t be about engaging people alone, it should involve what is going to be covered in the post and why reading this post will help them.

Check out this introduction;

If you are a blogger or a marketer, the first line above will most likely engage you to continue reading.STRATEGY 3: BODY OF THE ARTICLE

The introduction gives readers the confidence to continue with your blog post. Now that we are done with the introduction of the article, you need the body to be clear and easy to read.

When writing the body of a blog post, consider the following as the best practice to engage your readers.


Keep in mind you want your content to be easy to read and skip at the same time. If readers can`t skip your blog post, the post won`t perform well. Bear in mind there are others who might have had the knowledge of what you are writing about and maybe reading your blog post to pick an interesting fact for their own post.


When people read your post, they want to be comfortable knowing they aren`t missing out on any information. It`s important to keep your blog post content spacious for an easy read.

Space your content 5 or 6 lines apart, so when people read, it`s easier for them to get all the information listed on your blog post. LINKING OUT TO OTHER PEOPLE

Writing a blog post is not all about you or the information you`re trying to pass to readers. While reading this article, you`d notice some words are underlined in blue right? Well, that`s me linking to other people`s website.

When you link to other people`s website, you name them as sources, citing them and giving one or two of their tips, it creates credibility, professionalism for you and your business.

Here is how to link and cite other websites for credibility and backlinks;



  • Get a word or a phrase you want to link to an external site
  • Highlight the word or phrase
  • If you are on WordPress like me, the link option will appear
  • Copy and paste the external link
  • Chose to open in a new tab or not.


A few blog post readers have a similar attitude towards how they read their post. When a few lands on your blog post page, some quickly skip to the conclusion part just to get a summary of the information, before going back up to read. So, when writing a post, it`s important to wrap it up with a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes what your blog post is about.

It`s also important to end your conclusion with a question. By ending with a question, more people are likely to leave a comment. Comment leads to engagement and engagement most likely leads to sales.

If people read your blog post on “How to write a blog post that generates thousands of traffic in 2020” and don`t engage with you, they are most likely not going to buy anything from you if you are an affiliate or an eCommerce store looking to sell some products or offer services to readers.

The 5 strategies above have helped many generate thousands of page views and followers on a monthly basis and I use this simple formula to grow both old and new websites.


If you read back on this very article, I did advise in strategy number 4 to link out to people right? Well, you can do one better with this simple tip.

When you link to other people, it`s best to let them know. If you are professional in your field and your content is wonderful, you will get multiple responses.

People love being linked to and it flatters them when another professional links to them with a post. Linking people externally will prompt them to link you also for backlinks. Backlink is an integral part of ranking on Google first page, so everyone loves getting a backlinks.

It`s advisable to send a message to the person you link to externally. Here is a quick way to write a simple note to the person.

Hi [Insert name],

I have to say am glad I came across your work. Your description of the head analyzer was fantastic, so much so I linked out to you in this latest blog post I am writing.

Kindly check out my blog post and I will be glad if you can also share this article to your readers.


[Your name]


Writing a blog post is super easy, but writing a blog post that will generate thousands of page views requires my formula.

These strategies have worked for me over the years and I believe they will work for you too. So, if you want more traffic to your blog, you need contents and you are lost, kindly leave a comment.

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