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To overcome this concern, far from an isolated case, there are three solutions: two are free, and the third is very practical and can quickly bypass technical issues. If you forget the passcode or the passcode is incorrect, you can regain control of your iPhone.

What to do when you forget your iPhone lock screen passcode?

Faced with an iPhone blocked due to wrong and continuous input of passwords, many users turn to recovery mode, which involves erasing all data from the phone to reconfigure it. However, this factory reset is limited as you will lose data and a lot of time.

Whatever the reason for your stuck lock screen on iPhone, know that there are no less than 3 solutions to restore access to your phone, apps and data.

How to unlock iPhone if you forget the lock screen passcode?

First solution: refer to iTunes. Syncing with iTunes allows you to restore your phone with the latest backup in mind. This means that if you don’t make a backup for a long time, you will lose all the information you have saved since then. You get the idea: if you’ve never synced from iTunes, you won’t be able to choose this method…

Another strategy, it is undoubtedly the fastest and most practical when you need it unlock iphone without passcode Is to use a special software called 4ukey. Target? No more entering a four-digit code (but this also works with Face ID and Touch ID) to use your smartphone. The technology removes this feature to address possible issues with accessing mobile devices and is no longer blocked by a locked interface. This solution is even more useful if your windows are broken or too broken to enter your password easily.

The last option you can use is to use iCloud to get forgot iphone unlock code. All you have to do is visit and enter your credentials (email address and password). You will then have access to all the devices you own that are associated with your account. Clicking “Erase iPhone” will restore the entire phone, including the lock passcode. On the other hand, this technique is completely useless if you don’t remember your Apple ID…

Easy to use as it is enough to open the software on the computer and connect your iPhone to remove the access code, Tenorshare 4Ukey software is available in free download Allows, among other things, deletion of old Apple IDs (for example, if you are borrowing a phone or buying a used phone), deletion of screen time codes, and deactivation of the Find My iPhone feature.

By using Tenorshare, you can unlock your iPhone in 3 steps:

  1. Connect your device and click “Get Started”
  2. Click “Download” to download the firmware
  3. Unlock to remove iPhone passcode by clicking “Start”.

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