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A processor, also known as a CPU (from central processing unit in English), is a key element of any computer configuration. To objectively judge the performance of a processor versus its competitors, we recommend using the CPU-Z utility. This free little software allows you to perform CPU benchmarks and compare the results with other users’ tests.

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CPU-Z is a software Free and very light, it displays technical information about the processor and allows you to execute benchmark from CPU.

For best results, close all other application processor Fully usable for CPU-Z testing.

The CPU-Z interface is basic, but fully functional.The software opens on a tab CPU, which displays the processor’s name, its TDP, voltage, frequency, and other technical information. To perform a CPU test, select the Bench tab.

This tab is dedicated to benchmarking, i.e. evaluating processor performance.We recommend that you keep the suggested baseline version in the drop-down list, as other versions are Beta. Click the “Bench CPU” button to start the test.

Benchmarks start with multi-core tests, followed by single-core evaluations. Wait for the process to complete, this should take less than 20 seconds.

CPU-Z integrates a database Some CPU benchmarks, you can compare your results by selecting them from the Reference drop-down list.

For more comparison points, in the reference of all processors on the market, click Submit & Compare.This button sends your results to server CPU-Z and automatically opens a web page showing a summary of CPU performance.

Clicking on the “Single Thread” or “Multi Thread” score displayed on the right side of the screen will open a page with a graph listing all processors tested by CPU-Z.

So you can check how the processor’s score compares to its reference value, or find out what performance gains you can get by changing the chip. CPU-Z is also a good tool to evaluate the efficiency of a processor overclock or insufficient voltage. By performing benchmark tests before and after applying settings, you can compare performance objectively.

To learn more about computer components and track the voltage, frequency and temperature of these components in real time, consult our Choosing the Best System Diagnostic Software for Windows.

what you have to remember

  • CPU-Z is a free small CPU diagnostic tool that provides a solid benchmarking tool and the ability to compare results with all competing chips.

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