How to tell if an Instagram account is fake


I amNowadays, you can never be too careful on social media about who you communicate with, and Instagram strive to simplify the process.

The new features will help make it easier to detect any potential fake accounts.

“From the beginning, we focused on the security of our platform, and today’s updates build on our existing tools, such as our spam and offensive content filters, and the ability to report or block accounts,” wrote Instagram founder Mike Krieger. blog post online.

“We know we have something else to keep attackers away from Instagram, and we intend to keep building more tools to do that.”

Fake Instagram accounts

Instagram is committed to reducing the number of fake and anonymous accounts on the platform in order to protect its users.

Problems of bullying, racism and impersonation have plagued Instagram in recent years, and they continue to try to fight it.

These new features hope to do just that, as Krieger points out on his blog.

About this account function

A new feature in development will provide basic information about any account available on iOS and Android.

It will list where the account is located, general subscribers, any username changes over the past year, and any current advertisements.

The function will be available through the menu on any profile page.


Instagram will also open apps for verification according to the established criteria.

On the settings page, click on the confirmation request and provide your account username, your name, and a copy of your legal or business ID.

It will also mean that reporting on such accounts will be easier than ever before.

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