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Wearing eyelashes is cool and adds beauty to your look, but removing them can be difficult.

How to safely remove your false eyelashes at home

Removing false eyelashes is not like playing with a ball in the park.

Most people recommend leaving eyelash removal to professionals, but what if they need to be removed immediately and there is no professional around?


Here are DIY (Do It Yourself) tricks that can help.

1. Take a warm bath

If there’s one thing artificial lashes hate, it’s humidity and heat. This weakens the glue. Trying to remove your false eyelashes? Take a warm bath and pour a generous amount of warm water on your eyes. It may not have an immediate effect, but they will loosen over time.

2. Use castor oil, vegetable or coconut oil

These oils are quite effective in removing eyelashes. Before going to bed, use a cotton swab to apply any of these oils to your eyelashes. Try not to let it get in your eyes.

3. Use an oil-based makeup remover

Your makeup remover can be either water-based or oil-based. But when you want to quickly remove your eyelashes, use an oil-based remover. Oil-based removers contain glycols that help dissolve adhesive bonds.

4. Use an eyelash remover

Go into the cosmetics store and buy an eyelash remover. This makes the whole process easier.

More information:

What not to do?

Do not try to cut off your false lashes, it can damage your actual lashes.
Do not attempt to use tweezers or scissors. It can damage your eyes.
Don’t pull on it all the time. Your eyes are sensitive.


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