How to reduce weight with yoga?

You must have heard people say that yoga is the secret behind getting fit and healthy. But nobody tells you how to reduce weight with yoga? That’s the real question here. To reduce weight with yoga, you should know which asanas to do, how you can do that, and things like that. So keep scrolling to know more about yoga for weight loss.

Asanas that will help you reduce weight

Before coming here, you must have asked many people about asanas that can help you reduce weight. They might have told you very difficult and professional level asanas, but we’re going to tell you easy-to-do asanas that are beginner-friendly and actually benefit you in losing weight.

1. Seated forward bend

  • You can do this pose by standing straight on a mat inhaling deeply.
  • Now exhale and touch your toes without bending your knees.
  • Stop where your knees start bending.
  • With practice, you’ll be able to touch your toes.

2. Kapalbhati pranayama

  • Sit with your back straight in a lotus pose(one leg tucked below the other).
  • Inhale with your nose and when you exhale, pull your stomach and navel towards the spine.
  • Now using your nose, exhale quickly.
  • Repeat 10 times to get good results.

3. Bridge pose

  • Lay on your back on a mat with both of your legs folded.
  • Your palms should be touching the ground and slowly lift your hips towards the ceiling.
  • Make sure your heels, palm, and head are touching the ground.
  • Hold this position for 1 minute, then relax.
  • You should do this yoga for flat tummy.

4. Trikonasana

  • Stand with your legs 2 feet apart on the ground.
  • Bring your hands equal to your shoulder and parallel to the ground while inhaling.
  • Bend your torso on your right side while touching your right leg with your right hand.
  • Then, lift the left hand towards the ceiling.
  • Do the same with the left side.

Yoga can help with mindful eating

Yoga has proven to help with mindful eating, resulting in fewer possibilities to gain weight. Yoga helps in releasing toxins out of the body as well as your mind, and when they get clean, they make you wiser towards your eating choices. As a result, you eat healthily, and you get healthy. Not only mindful eating, but you can also see benefits from yoga for hairfall control.

Yoga can help you manage stress

Various studies have proved that yoga helps in managing stress and anxiety. Yoga calms your mind by relaxing your body. It releases the tension from your body which is one of the reasons behind stress. By doing meditation, which is a part of yoga, you can relax your mind and make space for a positive approach in the morning.

Yoga helps build muscle

Yoga provides not only flexibility but also muscle strength. Focus on doing such yoga asana, which improves strength and builds muscle.


The conclusion arises that yoga can help you in your weight loss journey only when you’re patient enough to wait for the results. If you give up too soon, like in a few days, don’t expect any good results. Yoga requires patience, and when you gather patience, you see magical results.

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