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How To Prevent Negative Reviews From Google Search Results?

Reviews are a great way to know about the brand and its products. It is one of the ways that influence the buying decision of the customers. Brand on different platforms prefers to get online reviews from their customers to create brand awareness and image in public. But, when negative reviews become a part of the google search results, it only takes a few seconds to ruin the business.

Not every customer posts a fake review of the business. Similarly, not every business gets a negative review of their services. But, if you find a negative review about your business on Google search results , then you are in a big problem.

Keep in mind that one negative review can doubt the customers. It can bring a lot of new challenges to your businesses that you knew not. Yet, SEO consultant Delaware there is always a solution to get out of the huge troubles.

Review sites like B2B Inspection may get both positive and negative reviews. You have to prevent the latter practice to regain the position in the market. Let’s begin learning how to fight negative reviews from Google search results.

4 Ways To Prevent Negative Reviews From Google Search Results

1. Make an effective plan to fight back

Keyword authority is important when it comes to search results. If you don’t have control over the keywords, you will keep getting negative search results. To avoid any negative comments about your business, you need to have a fool-proof plan.

First of all, find all the negative keywords that pop up when you search your company name. When you are successful in doing so, now you have to create positive content using the same keywords. This is the easiest way to push back the negative keywords. Whenever an individual searches your company, it will only raise the positive results.

2. Manage public profiles

It is time to bring back your reputation. You should create social media profiles for yourself and the business. Now, create a Facebook fan page and connect it with your Google My Business Account. When you are finished creating the page, it is time to set up as many online listing as you can.

The main purpose of taking this step is to claim SEO services better online authority. It is the most recommended way to control the content type that comes in the search results. Moreover, you can also join communities and forums related to your industry. It will again help you in controlling the content and talking positively about your services to the public.

3. Respond to public forums and comments

You should not step back to protect your reputation in the digital market. People take advantage of the businesses which do not fight back for their right.You should join forums that can help you in safeguarding your online reputation. In this way, you can let people know about the positives of your company and how it has served the nation with unique services. Make sure that the public is always searching for positivity on the forums. You should take a vigilant step in making things go in your favor. The B2B Crowd is a platform where you can also find about these.

4. Promote press releases

To avoid being hurt in Google search results, you should work more on content. Have you ever heard about a press release? If not, then don’t worry. A press release is the best way to talk about your company’s strengths. It is one of the great ways to get mentions in the media.

You should not publish press releases often. This will again let people doubt you. Only work out on the news that people around you want to know. Hence, try to work creatively and let the positive side of your company come out in the form of words. It will be of great help if you first brainstorm and then reach a conclusion. One of the goals of many marketing campaigns is to create a buzz around the business. You have to create a powerful social media campaign that encourages the public to take an interest in you.


Don’t just get fed up with the negativity coming to your way. It is part of the business. Yet, you can control such a situation if you have a firm belief in your business. Since you have a lot of competitors, negative reviews will definitely come to your way. It doesn’t mean that you should give up here.

Positive reviews are so difficult to get. But, if you are consistent and real, then nothing can stop you from satisfying your customers. These points are worth following. It will definitely help you in improving your reputation in the digital market. Keep practicing these, and you will notice a big change in your reputation.


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