How to own an Infanta Sofía tulle dress at the Asturias Princess Awards

On the day of the Asturias Princess Award Ceremony, Infanta Sofía was surprised by her ballet look. She was wearing a black shirt and rhinestones. Tulle skirt Pink.Copy your style with these others skirt This is a replica worn by the king’s young daughter in these awards. Write down what you want!

This kind of skirt is very suitable for all the clothes you wear. You can match it on any occasion mallot, even shirts and tops. Match your favorite sports shoes or loafers of various colors.

How about Infanta Sofía’s tulle skirt

Although these styles of dresses have appeared in stores for several years, they are back in fashion and are now much more popular than Infanta Sofía, because everything the royal family wears is trendy.

AliExpress It offers Infanta Sofía’s long version without tulle and a pink clone with elastic high waist to fit all types of body.They have more colors and their Very low price 13.21 EuroThe currently available sizes range from XS to L. The advantage is that you can wear it as you wish: sports shoes or high heels. The little princess took her to dance with some very flat dancers, not knowing if it was not to affect her sister princess, because she was a little taller than her.

exist Mango has some feather skirts, red and black, Tulle fabric. Plumeti design, double-layer straight design, elastic waist, long style you will like. It costs 29.99 euros and you can wear it on many different occasions. Whether it’s adding a jacket or a jacket to it.

Zara It also shares several stamping models. It is they are one of the key costumes of the season. Comfortable and elegant, match it with a honeysuckle shirt to create a luxurious evening look, or match it with a pure white T-shirt for a casual style.

In printing, this The model is translucent, very wearable, and has a high waist. It has a combined contrast color lining. There is an opening on the back of the hem, and a hidden zipper opens and closes at the seam. Its price is 29.99 euros, and its sizes now range from XS to M.

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