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11.11.2021 –

TOs as well as the world’s most popular messaging service, Whatsapp is also a social media platform and contains some of the typical features that you associate with other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. One of the very social aspects of WhatsApp is the profile picture that appears next to all of your messages. However, some people may wish hide your whatsapp profile picture

There are many reasons why you might want to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp Messenger. So, we explain here how you can do it and how to hide your WhatsApp from certain people only.

Changing the privacy settings of your WhatsApp profile picture

First open WhatsApp and go to Settings, then Account, then Privacy, then Profile Photo. There you will see three options: “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”.

By default, everyone can see your profile picture. Even if they don’t see your name, they usually see your photo.

But you can change this and choose so that no one can see your photo, or you can use the My Contacts intermediate option to restrict this access to your photo to those you have saved in your contact book. …

Hiding your WhatsApp profile photo from certain people with trick # 31 #

If there is someone from whom you want to hide your photo, but at the same time keep his contact in save, there is trick with whatsapp you can apply.

Go to your phone contacts folder – not WhatsApp contacts, but real phone contacts. Then edit the number of the person in question by putting # 31 # in front of their number, even before any international dialing codes.

This trick # 31 # then removes that contact from your WhatsApp contacts folder, but that means that person stays in your phonebook when you might need their number. In other words, this contact # 31 # will no longer be counted in the My Contacts settings in WhatsApp’s privacy settings, and you can prevent this person from seeing your profile picture in the messaging app.

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