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Vidamia at sunrise — Photo by Marla Cimini

In Hawaii, when you board the historic Yacht Vidamia A scenic cruise on Oahu.

Many Hawaii visitors (and residents) agree that the best way to start the day is by (or at) the ocean.and Honolulu CoffeeThe Hawaii-based gourmet company makes this possible with its recently launched Overwater Coffee and Breakfast experience. Through a new partnership with a newly restored wooden yacht, Honolulu Coffee offers the ultimate coffee and breakfast cruise, creating Hawaii’s only tropical sunrise cruise.

The only wooden commercial yacht in Hawaii, the Vida Mia (meaning “my life” in Spanish) is a classic 61-foot sailboat built in the 1920s that has been completely refurbished inside and out to restore its original Some are elegant. Today, the ship is based in the small port of Alaway in Waikiki, and recently began offering new luxury cruises for individuals and intimate groups. For those who watched the HBO series “White Lotus,” Vidamia appeared in various scenes, taking guests to the luxury resort.

Vidamia's Diamond Head Sunrise

Diamond Head Sunrise at Vida Mia — Photo courtesy of Marla Cimini

This luxurious cruising experience is unique as it combines vintage yachts with modern comforts, a refined vessel and stunning teak interiors including kitchen, living area, bathroom and two bedrooms. Visitors to Hawaii looking for unique and high-end water activities will love aboard this (almost) century-old ship for this extraordinary and relaxing cruise that invites you to travel back in time and take in the breathtaking views. in Waikiki and its majestic diamond head.

Honolulu Coffee is an award-winning company that grows premium coffee beans on its own farms on the Big Island of Hawaii. Located on the scenic slopes of Mauna Loa, this agricultural destination is considered by industry experts to be one of the best places in the world to harvest the highest quality coffee beans.

Vida Mia yacht interior

Interior of the Vida Mia yacht — Photo courtesy of Marla Cimini

Abigail Joslyn, chief operating officer of the Honolulu Coffee Company, said this is a rare opportunity for coffee lovers to enjoy an incredible morning sunrise cruise. She explains: “It’s really a full sensory experience and we love to share the true ‘spirit of Aloha’ with our guests. You can drink the freshest roasted coffee in Waikiki, paired with locally grown seasonal fruit and artisan Pastries made.Guests are soothed by the gentle waves while enjoying the musical style of one of the island’s top ukulele musicians, Kapono Wong.

The partnership was born in fall 2021 when Brynn Rovito, owner of Vida Mia, asked Honolulu Coffee to host a morning tour because she wanted to share the serenity of the ocean.

Joslyn agrees it’s a perfect opportunity for passengers to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful morning cruise, sipping a delicious cup of coffee surrounded by nature (and sometimes spotting dolphins and whales) and luxury. She said: “In Waikiki, there aren’t many options for going out to the water first thing in the morning. Brynn pioneered the idea of ​​serving our locally grown and roasted coffee along with the highest quality pastries to create a truly unique experience. Needless to say, once we saw the Vida Mia in all its glory, we knew it was a must-have partnership.

quietly on the water

Breakfast on the Vida Mia yacht

Breakfast on the Vida Mia yacht — Photo courtesy of Marla Cimini

The Vida Mia morning cruise includes breakfast and departs from the marina at 7am, the yacht passengers immediately experience tranquility and morning calm. Rovito said: “I think what’s really special about this cruise is that there are no other boats out at sea so early…everything is very calm, no traffic. On the water. Being able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, different from It’s great to see the island from the angle of view.”

Rovito notes that with an experienced and friendly crew, the Vida Mia is the only yacht on Oahu that is certified to carry more than 12 passengers (the vessel is licensed for a maximum of 36). She added that she was pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to tourists, many locals were booking Vida Mia cruises and on board for family events, birthdays and corporate meetings. By the way, Vida Mia offers special discounted rates for Hawaii residents.

She said: “We are building a great community with this yacht. Some locals remember our boat from many years ago and are happy to hear it has been restored and is still sailing. I have learned that some of our residents have travelled from all over the island It was great to drive all over for our morning tour. So many people are fans of Honolulu coffee – that’s what brought them to our boat.

Yacht Vidamia

Yacht Vida Mia — Photo courtesy of Marla Cimini

The Vida Mia yacht has a storied history (it has fallen into disrepair several times over the years). It was commandeered by the San Francisco Bay Coast Guard during World War II; several years ago, several celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor and Louis Vuitton, used the yacht as a means of transportation between the Hawaiian Islands. Eventually, it was docked on Maui and was not used for many years. The ship’s restoration process took several years and was carried out by professional craftsmen who specialize in refurbishing wooden sailboats. Rovito was involved in part of the restoration and said the yacht has many original and recently rebuilt parts.

After months of morning sailings with Honolulu Coffee, Rovito said she still enjoys every minute — and looks forward to meeting passengers and showing them an unforgettable voyage. She also revealed her favorite Honolulu cafe breakfast. “It’s definitely a ham and egg croissant,” she said.

Post-cruise coffee adventure

Brynn Rovito, owner of Vida Mia and Abagail Joslyn, Honolulu Coffee, on the yacht (with their dog)

Brynn Rovito, owner of Vida Mia and Abagail Joslyn, Honolulu Coffee, on the yacht (with their dog) — Photo via Jasmine Brooke Photography

In addition to enjoying this sunrise coffee cruise, Jocelyn encourages Oahu visitors to visit the newly opened Honolulu Coffee Experience Center nearby. This stunning cafe has a beautifully designed interior and a retro 1940s Probat coffee roaster at its heart. It is 12 feet tall (pipes go through the ceiling) and was imported from Germany. In addition to an extensive menu of coffee, tea, pastries and snacks, the place also offers self-guided tours showcasing the history of coffee on the island.

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In addition to this on-water breakfast experience, Vida Mia also offers private charters including snorkeling with catering, sunset cruises with live music, weddings, and custom cruises with overnight accommodations (the yacht has six beds). For more information, please contact Vidamia.

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