How To Grow Online Gifting Business?

The online gifting market has two divisions: corporate and personal,
The online gifting market has two divisions: corporate and personal,

According to a source, “The online gifting industry is one of the contributors to the growth of Indian e-commerce space and it is set to take a larger pie in the overall market in the coming future.” Propelled by the digital transformation, increasing internet and smartphone penetration, the online gifting industry has witnessed tremendous growth. 

The online gifting market has two divisions: corporate and personal, with the share division being 80% and 20% respectively. Now, you very well know the kind of competition that exists in the field of online gifting. Whether you are an existing player or a newcomer, you would need certain tips and tricks to grow your online gifting business. 

Here are some of the tips that will give you the competitive edge over your competitors, thus enabling you to survive and grow. 

  1. What Kind of Gifts Do Customers Want: For any business, customer satisfaction is important. Online business is no different. Instead, in online business customer satisfaction is everything otherwise they would switch to another in no time. So, study the trends what customers want. By providing the gifts they want, you fulfill their expectations. Then, there must be several other gifting portals that would be selling the same gifts giving rise to competition. Always, offer something unique. For example, if you sell gifts for him online, then what different you could do to attract customers and satisfy them. Go for personalization, focus on quirkiness, give them supreme quality at best prices, bring out specific gifts for him related to occasion and relationship, etc. etc. 
  2. Start Blogging: Blogging is a part of content marketing. Blogging will help your business to improve the SEO rankings and you can also spread the word about your business and share ideas. Write on informative topics, share your opinion on certain topics, write branded content to market your business, take leverage of interlinking and hypertexts. Around Valentine, you could write a blog on gifts for him, and include links to your website. People love to read such stuff, and it also increases the chances of people coming to your website through the link. Therefore, never bail out blogging! Along with blogging, invest in guest posts for backlinks, and other ways of content marketing. 
  3. Understand SEM: Have a dedicated team to work on Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the way to rank your website on search engines, most popularly on Google. Because Google keeps updating its guidelines and algorithms,  you would need someone who can help you with all the technicalities,  especially Google Adwords. 
  4. Improve rankings with SEO: SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the tool to let potential customers know about your online gifting business and website. Regularly optimize your website and webpage to improve their ranking on the search engine otherwise they will get lost in the pile of sheets. Use keywords according to their search value and then index the website to the main page in the search results. Also, refresh your blogs with keywords of higher AMS. Maybe one of your blogs has a keyword gift online in India, but now the other keyword Send Gifts To India Online has a higher search volume, so you would require to refresh it for rankings.
  5. Update Your Technology: Technology and softwares keep updating day by day. Every day, a newer, faster, and better version of a software or technology is available for use. So, accordingly update your technologies and softwares like designing, website making softwares, technical softwares, payment gateways, etc. Provide the user with better and faster website navigation and hassle-free payment gateways if you want them to revisit your website. 
  6. Be Socially Active: Social Media apps connect you to your customers. Be socially active. Market your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Make use of features like share, tap to add to products to cart, swipe up to visit the website for more user engagement. 

Hopeful these will work for you and your online gifting business! 



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