How To Get KBC Head Office Number In Kolkata


Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 2022 is currently buzzing on Sony Live TV. KBC lottery and all other KBC games are another part of the game show. Participants who are required to appear in this TV movie record all necessary biometric data to appear in the KBC movie. You can also get subscription information by calling the KBC head office phone number on the KBC website, and you can also check it on Kbclotterywiner.

Anyone in India can enjoy KBC lottery, KBC IMO lottery, KBC lottery, KBC WhatsApp lottery etc. He wants to join the list of winners, but there are many scammers with fake KBC numbers who play bad games with innocence. People. Because many people in India have been preparing for a game show for a long time to win with the desire to participate in the KBC game show. Spectators, we must prevent these scams. KBC head office in Kolkata has launched a website with all real data and factual information such as Rana Pratap Singh’s KBC helpline number, KBC lottery numbers and KBC official numbers.

Before providing lottery or SIM card information, you must verify the caller.

You can check this by calling KBC 2022 at 00919083056149. If you receive calls and SMS from outside of KBC, please contact our team members to report these fake calls. Just provide the fake KBC switchboard number and our team will search for the person’s name and identity. Despite all your thoughts, do not accept such messages. Some people still believe such fake calls and lose money. Do not attend these calls and demonstrations on board. We would like to remind you once again that it is not the bank or KBC Links Association that is calling you and requesting your personal data.


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