How to get a job in the Netherlands


How to get a job in the Netherlands

The Netherlands can sponsor you for a work visa as previously reported. This is good news for anyone considering relocation.

One of the good things about the country is that you don’t necessarily have to speak Dutch. The English language is the main business language in many companies. However, learning Dutch increases your chances of having more opportunities. If you don’t speak Dutch, you’re better off working for a large international corporation in the Netherlands.

If you work for a smaller company, you will almost certainly be required to speak Dutch to participate in meetings or give presentations.

Qualifications needed to work in the Netherlands

You have a better chance of finding a job in the Netherlands if you have at least a bachelor’s degree. To find out if your qualification or profession is recognized or regulated in the Netherlands, visit nuffic (the organization for international cooperation in education).

When you move to the Netherlands, be sure to bring your diplomas, degree certificates, and references and testimonials from employers.

How to find a job in the Netherlands

Jobs at Expatica: Expatica jobs has jobs in both English and multiple languages ​​in sales, IT and other industries, especially in Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities in the Netherlands.

UWV: UVW Werkzoekenden has a network of partner sites and employment agencies. It is a public employment service.

Job Websites: There are job sites for English and multilingual jobs.

Recruitment Agencies: Dutch recruitment agencies (uitzendbureaus) for speakers of English and other languages:

Employment websites of specialized employment agencies:

Employment websites of general employment agencies:

You can check a list of recognized employers/sponsors (companies and organisations) who are allowed to bring highly-skilled workers to the Netherlands with preferential immigration conditions, including those who do not need a work permit.

Company Websites: Also, check company websites to find out which ones have openings that are right for you. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) also posts job openings.

Dutch newspapers (print or online): There are vacancies (vacancies) advertised in Dutch print or online newspapers for mainly high-level positions within international companies.

Network groups: Finding a job through personal contacts and social networks is acceptable in the Netherlands. There are many expats in the Netherlands, and by joining the networks, you can get jobs by word of mouth or personal contact. Here is a list of business networking groups and business clubs for expats in the Netherlands.

International Job Fair; Expat Jobs in the Netherlands: the annual International Job Fair allows applicants to meet face-to-face with multilingual potential employers and recruiters from a wide range of industries. Some workshops are organized to enhance your job search efforts.

So after successfully landing a job, one of the things you need is a Burgerservice Number (BSN). This personal tax identification number, which is obtained when you arrive at the town hall, is mandatory for everyone. Learn more about the Dutch social security system here.



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