How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6144

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6144

Did you get the error message “QuickBooks Error Code 6144” while chipping away at the QuickBooks application? This error doesn’t permit you to open degenerate QuickBooks-documents and play out any assignment through the primary PC or different PCs. Here you will have the option to determine the error. Follow the means depicted in the article and resolve the error. Then again, introduce, run and open the Stellar QuickBooks support Recovery Tool and fix every single degenerate document in a couple of simple advances.

How about we have a manual method to determine QuickBooks error code 6144. In any case, before you continue, ensure: 

  • All means are to be performed on the fundamental PC aside from the last advance. 
  • QuickBooks is bolted on all PCs, including the fundamental PC and different PCs 
  • QBserviceuser is variant ward. For the 2013 Office adaptation, you have QBserviceuser23; This rendition is QBserviceuser25 for 2015; This form is QBserviceuser26 and so on for 2016 
  • Antivirus is debilitated 
  • You know the MS Office rendition you take a shot at 

To begin with, resolve QuickBooks error 6144 on the principle PC. The essential PC where the application is first stacked is the essential PC and every single other PC that utilization the QuickBooks application are called different PCs. follow these means:

  1. Beginning Services: 
  • Go to Start and tap on Services. 
  • From the Services tab, click QBCFMonitorservice and watch that the administrations have begun and are accessible in programmed mode. If not, check the radio catch and snap Apply and OK.
  1. Change Account Type: 
  • Go to the Control Panel and pick User Account. 
  • Snap Add/Remove User Account and snap on QBDserviceuser23 (in the event that you are utilizing 2013 form) and change the record type to check the client

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  1. Make another envelope called QB and give read/compose choices to all made organizers. You ought to make the accompanying envelope in drive C: 
  • Head 
  • Include client 
  • Include framework 
  • Everybody 
  • QB information administration user23

What’s more, award read/compose consent to all organizers. By clicking Share, these organizers will be shared on all PCs. 

  1. Duplicate the organization document to the new envelope “QB” – this record is degenerate because of its size and along these lines it isn’t opening in QuickBooks. The name of the organization document here is “Return to Business”.

In drive C: Users-> Public-> Public Documents-> Intuit-> QuickBooks-> Company Files and you will discover this organization record. This is the default area of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor record. 


Reorder the record into the new envelope “QB”. Try not to cut the record since it will harm the document.

  1. Confirm that the organization document is duplicated to the favored area

For this, nearby the envelope where you duplicated the record and revive the document similarly. 

  1. Make inbound and outbound firewall rules: 
  • Go to firewall and snap on windows firewall 
  • Go to the propelled settings accessible on the left sheet and snap Inbound Rules – > New Rules – > Port and press Next 
  • Snap Next. 
  • Permit association alternative and afterward pick straightaway 
  • To distinguish and dispose of it you can name it like QB 
  • These are the port numbers for various adaptations

Moreover “include port” to new outbound guidelines 

  1. Extra advances 
  2. Go to the program and discover QuickBooks 
  • Starting from the drop menu, click QuickBooks Database Services Manager and snap Add Folder. 
  • Peruse and include QB organizer from C-drive and limit this tab.
  1. Reestablish the organization document on the fundamental PC 
  • Open the QuickBooks application (in multi-client mode) on the primary PC 
  • Snap open and reestablish the current organization. 
  • Check whether the facilitating is on or go to File and tap on Utilities 
  • Snap Stop Hosting on the principle PC. Your organization’s record is accessible on the principle PC

10.The following stage includes opening the organization document on different PCs. To play out this assignment, you should have the IP address of the primary PC. 

  • Open QuickBooks on the primary PC and press the F2 key. The Product Information screen opens. From here, note the prefix/before the IP address and IP address. Note this IP on a notebook to make duplicating simpler.

Access organization document from other PC: 

  1. Open QuickBooks and open a current document or snap Restore. 
  • Open an organization document and reorder the IP address with an oblique punctuation line in the record name. 
  • Ensure the radio catch is checked for documents opened in multicolor mode. 
  • Open the common envelope and mind the recently made QB-organizer. 
  • Snap on the organization document and open the record. Rehash stage 11 on all PCs running the QuickBooks application 
  • Your organization’s document is additionally accessible on different PCs. 
  • The manual procedure includes running from stage 1 to stage 10 on the principle PC and following stage 1, stage 6, and stage 11 on every other PC running the QuickBooks application. In the event that you have 20 PCs running the QuickBooks application, at that point you need to rehash similar strides without any alternatives. This will undoubtedly make obstructions typical working.

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