How to clone Victoria Federica’s most daring looks without leaving home


There’s no doubt that Victoria Federica’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion world. For such an event, influencer want to be with him Ancestor, who accompanies her while the flash of the media present points to her. There is no doubt that this was a very special day, and the young woman was able to show off her refined taste in dressing and bet on one of the riskiest trends.

Victoria Frederica in Paris

It’s nothing more than cowboy boots. Although other content creators like Abril Cols have used them, she has finally become little princess elena Who jumped into the pool and gave a sense of color and novelty Look With black as the protagonist.That’s it, despite their supporters and detractors, these boots promise to be Must have the next few months. But where can we find them?Now I am at index They haven’t released any such designs yet, so influencer like Iera have started working hard to provide effective solutions for their followersand materials that can be found at very low prices at home or in the market.

Iera Video/Tiktok
Video of Iera Paperlight with Cowboy Boots / Tiktok

Through your Tiktok account, This influencer He took advantage of some nearby black high boots and a pair of relatively wide-leg jeans. First, he slips the boots through the pants, leaving the shaft in, and part of the foot is free. Knowing the height of the boots, he cut the pants a few centimeters apart in order to achieve the effect above the knee. However, he also offers a second option for those who are short in stature or who prefer their boots to be less tall.It’s about taking two pairs of boots cowboy Smaller and put two rubber bands on each leg, exactly where we want the boots. Then, cut the two parts of the jeans, we will do the same as the previous step, except put the excess in the rubber band so that they apply enough pressure so that they don’t move and look like they were bought, When they are really homemade and easy. Detailed description.

Iera Video/Tiktok
Video of Iera Paperlight with Cowboy Boots / Tiktok

Within minutes, postal It reached over 10,000 “likes” and has several comments from people who thought the idea was a success, especially now that winter is coming.So brands like Amancio Ortega don’t want Influencer They devoured the land of the textile world.


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