How to check the availability of garments on Zara’s website and app


Both Zara’s website and the app are good for keeping up with the latest trends and finding out what’s new. But when we buy a garment, we often prefer to go to the physical store to see it physically and touch it. Well, Inditex flagship gives us the chance to check the availability of all items in the online store in our nearest Zara store.

It’s something very simple. For example, these trousers with geometric print from the new spring collection. In the section with garment information, we see the tab “See store availability”. We click, and the next step is as follows:

  • The first is to enter our size to check the availability in the store. The trousers are on sale from size XS to XXL.
  • Then we enter a place: postcode, street address or city. Zara warns that the information about stock in store is indicative.
  • Thus, a list appears with all the stores where we can find the garment in our size and it also informs us if there are very few units left in any of them. Too easy!

Zara has already reopened the changing rooms in its stores, so we have the opportunity to try on all the clothes we want and see if they fit us or not. Although online shopping is great, there are some clothes that are better to try before you buy them, especially if it is a new style.

Is spring, flare pants are presented as one of the big trends. They greatly benefit women of all body types because they narrow at the waist and visually lengthen the legs. Now, if we have never worn pants of this style, it is best to look for one on Zara’s website or app, check the availability in the store and take a solid picture.

Finally, we want to remind you of that Zara launches news every week, so the ideal is that we review the online store every few days because there are always new clothes and accessories that interest us. The website and app are very well structured, with many sections so that we can easily and quickly find what we want. The most interesting are «New» or «Special prices». In addition, there are others such as “Total Look”, “Suits”, “Punto”, “Overshirts” …

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