How the Lagos Task Force and ‘CBD boys’ are supposed to be targeting motorists in the city

How Lagos Task Force and ’CBD boys’ allegedly fleece motorists in the city

It was exactly 6:45 a.m. on Thursday, December 9, 2022, and the shocking incident we are about to describe happened around the Adeniji Adele bus stop in Lagos.

All Femi Olaoluwa wanted to do was drop his brother at the bus stop, where officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency allowed motorists to drop their passengers. But Providence has another plan for the man who is the General Manager of an oil firm in the city.

As the passenger alighted from the Toyota Highlander 2016 model in Olaoluwa, about 21 officers of the Lagos State Task Force and the Central Business District unit (known as the CBD Boys) crossed his vehicle.

A surprising encounter: While three of the officers were standing in front of his car with guns drawn, two of the CBD boys forced their way into his car. Olaoluwa recalled the incident, telling Nairametrics:

  • “Everything happened within 3 minutes like a movie. One of the officers carrying a gun was drunk, shaking and ready to shoot me. One of the boys in the CBD then told me to get out of the car and talk -story of their team leader, who was in a small bus parked behind my car.
  • “After I got out of the car, another officer got in and drove away while I was just looking at them because I couldn’t believe that an officer of the law could persuade me to get out of the car and then take my car away without issuing me. a ticket or even to let me know where he will take my car. Meanwhile, before I reached the bus where the team leader was, the bus driver also drove away.
  • “It took me about 10 minutes to understand what happened, because I couldn’t tell where they were going to take my car. I did not know until about 1.30pm when I arrived at Alausa (their station) after my futile efforts to check Sura (Lagos Island) and Oshodi.
  • I got my car around 2.30pm with the help of a friend after I parted with the sum of N20,000. While I was waiting outside their office, three other vehicles were brought by the officers and the owners shared N40,000 each.”

More surprising encounters: Olugbenga George, a Public Relations Consultant, is another victim of the CBD Boys. A few weeks ago, he was coming from Acme Road when he was stopped at a traffic light at Femi’s Shrine. Suddenly, one of the CBD Boys dropped a piece of metal with nails in front of his front Tire while another officer opened the front door, sat down and ordered him to drive to their office inside Alausa without issuing a ticket. George said:

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  • They alleged that I should not have stopped in that lane, because my car was blocking the traffic. However, I know this is all a way to blackmail me. The officials insisted that I paid them N40,000 but I negotiated for N15,000, to which they agreed.
  • “I believed it was organized crime when they asked me to turn right at Ivory Music House and a POS agent took me around Femi’s African Shrine. When I got to the POS agent, they exchanged pleasantries like their friends. I used my ATM card in the man’s machine, withdrew and the agent gave the money to the officers.
  • “After I dropped them back to the point where I was arrested, I went back to the POS agent, who revealed that I was the 6th person they accorded him and forced to use his POS machine. According to him, some were forced to pay N20,000 or more after they threatened to have their cars auctioned by the Lagos State Government.

Meanwhile, Olaoluwa and George are just two of the victims of the Lagos Task Force and the CBD Boys. More reports and testimonies revealed that many motorists also fell into their traps.

No right to arrest: A source at the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) who spoke to Nairametrics on condition of anonymity, said the CBD Boys are not empowered by law to arrest traffic offenders, as that is the sole prerogative of the officers. in LASTMA. He explained:

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  • “Most of their victims are ignorant of the law. They all worked with the defunct Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) and were only asked to join the Task Force to keep them busy.
  • “Motorists have the right to challenge them and insist that they be taken to their office either in Isla or Alausa. It is against the law to force them to drive someone else’s car or arrest traffic violators. The bad thing is that the highest government officials who have to warn them are also about bribes. ”

The government is silent: Efforts to get the Chairman of the Lagos Task Force, Shola Jejeloye, to respond to these allegations proved futile, as he did not respond to calls and text messages made and sent by our analyst.

However, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transport, Sola Giwa, had earlier condemned the acts in an interview, promising to fish out the suspects and prosecute them. He said:

  • “I can assure you that we will get to the root of this shameful, undisciplined act.
  • “Our monitoring team will be deployed to investigate the alleged extortion of some council officers who have not yet been identified for prosecution. Enforcement of traffic management by council officers is illegal and remains so in the state.


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