How much money does the winner of the US Open receive as a prize?


For for the first time US Open will distribute over $60 million in prize money in 2022, up $2.5 million from 2021.

Of that $60 million, $6.26 million will be allocated to qualifying rounds, up 223 percent from 2016 for the same rounds. Then it was 1.94 million dollars.

The champions of the men’s and women’s tournaments will receive $2.6 million each, while the losing finalists will receive half that amount – $1.3 million each.

In addition, the semi-finalists will also receive a good figure. The losers of the final four stages will receive $705,000, while the losing quarter-finalists will receive $445,000.

The biggest jump came in the early rounds, where the prize is now set at $80,000 for the first round and $121,000 for the second round.

The winners of the final rounds of qualifying tournaments earned $44,000 each.


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