How much does Manchester United’s bad season cost Cristiano Ronaldo


Manchester United will go through their fifth season in a row without a trophy, which, among other things, can greatly affect the money Cristiano Ronaldo worth earning.

The Portuguese star will lose more than six million euros in bonus payments stipulated in his contract, which were included, among other things, to offset the significant salary cut he made to return to the team. Red Devils bold juventus.

However, these lost revenues are not only due to the lack of trophies, as other targets were also missed. For example, according to The Sun, reaching the Champions League final would have cost almost three million euros. Ronaldo.

Winning the Premier League, something United have not been done for almost ten years, were also a valuable target and could Ronaldo alone about two million euros. Failures in both domestic cups have also limited the 37-year-old’s earning potential this campaign.

Regular participation in the Champions League is naturally highly desirable for Manchester United hierarchy and RonaldoThe contract also includes a solid bonus if the club finishes in the top four in the Premier League. They are currently in sixth place, four points less and one game more than Arsenal in fourth place.

Manchester United top scorer

There is one generous bonus that Ronaldo However, it is likely that he will earn this season, and this is due to his scoring exploits. He will be paid a bonus if he finishes the campaign as the team’s top scorer, which currently looks very likely as he has 18 goals, nine more than his closest rival, a compatriot. Bruno Fernandes.

Cristiano RonaldoX Manchester United The homecoming isn’t going to be planned on the pitch at all, and this has financial implications for the player, who is thought to be now earning roughly half of what he was earning in juventus.


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