How much does it cost to complete a Panini album for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?


Tuechicken world Cup is coming, one thing fans are looking forward to is the release of panini albumwhich is a gem for collectors.

Panini released its 1970 World Cup first album at the championship in Mexico. From that ancient tournament until today, there has not been a world championship where the Italian company would not release an album.

How much does it cost to complete an album?

The album costs $2, if you want a hardcover album it costs $11.50, a box of 104 envelopes costs $84, and each envelope with five stamps costs $1.

This is 670 stamps in album. Mathematician Paul Harper of Cardiff University calculated how much money it would take to fill it.

According to Harper, you would have to buy 967 envelopes, if the envelope cost $1, you would have spent it already. $967but you can buy 8 boxes to get the envelopes then you spend $754.

But in addition, you would have missed another 31 envelopes, that is, $ 31 more.

“The first figurine in the first package has a 638 out of 638 chance of finding its empty space in the album. As the album fills up, that probability drops until there’s only one spot left to fill, and now it’s 1 in 638, Harper said.

Just to fill an album on your own if you’re exchanging stamps you would spend about $876.55.

Harper recommends exchanging stamps between two people: “Two people buying and selling can reduce the number of packs needed by 30%, five collectors by 57%, and 10 by 68%.”

If you want to keep all this money you can compile the album digitally for free.


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