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The security of the house is achieved by installing an alarm system. The budget required to install a home alarm depends on the choice of equipment and installer. Want to install an alarm clock in your home? Learn about the prices of house alarms and their installation.

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Installing a siren is an effective way to increase the security of your home or apartment and protect your family and possessions. In these times of increased theft attempts, having a high-performance alarm system is essential. But how much does a home alarm cost? How much budget should I plan to install a high performance alarm system? Easily find out the cost of house alarms and their installation.

The price of a house alarm is based on its model

To protect your home, you can choose from a variety of alarm systems, including basic home alarms and state-of-the-art security systems. Each alarm system has a different price depending on the alarm model, brand, quality and functionality. The budget provided for installing the siren will largely depend on the choice of equipment.This guide recommends that you Find the best alarm clock for your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Home Alarms?

The hardest part of buying a car house alarm and know Which alarm to choose ? Depending on the level of security required and your budget, you can choose from several types of home alarms:

  • Wired Home Alarm : The classic model is equipped with a control unit and activity sensor wired;
  • wireless home alarm : Equipment equipped with control unit and sensors, connected by a link radio hertz;
  • Home Alarm with IP Camera : a security system with cameras that allows you to monitor your home remotely;
  • GSM Home Alarm : a device equipped with a control unit and sensors that can send information to its phone in case of problems using the GSM network;
  • Connected Home Alarm : Models equipped with sensors connected to home automation units to manage the home remotely.

How much does a home alarm cost?

The price of a house alarm can vary from one device to another. Generally speaking, wired alarms are the least expensive to purchase, while connected models are usually the most expensive. On average, house alarms cost between 450 and 7,000 euros. Find a summary of alert costs in the table below:

Types of house alarms home alarm cost
Wired Home Alarm 450 to 2,500 euros
wireless home alarm 600 to 3,500 euros
Home Alarm with IP Camera Between 550 and 3,500 euros
GSM Home Alarm Between 500 and 3,500 euros
Networked Home Alarm 700 to 4,000 euros

Alert price based on element

The cost of a home alarm also depends on the elements that make up the security system. Generally speaking, an alarm system can consist of each of the following elements: central alarm, opening detector, siren, motion detectorShock Sensors, Fire Sensors, Breeze Sensors windowcamera, Smoke DetectorsDetector gashome automation devices, smoke alarms, vibration detectors and even swimming pool alarm. The more the siren is equipped, the higher its price.

For home alarms, home automation units cost between €130 and €550 (not including installation).

The following table details the cost of each element of your alarm system:

Alarm System Components Component price (without installation)
home alarm center Between 100 and 500 euros
family center Between 130 and 550 euros
Turn on the detector Between 15 and 150 euros
glass break detector Between 15 and 150 euros
motion detector Between 25 and 250 euros
fire detector Between 15 and 150 euros
Smoke Detectors Between 10 and 100 euros
Gas detector Between 35 and 130 euros
shock sensor between 20 and 200 euros
camera Between 100 and 300 euros
smoke bomb Between 500 and 1,000 euros
Mermaid Between 45 and 300 euros

Home Alarm Installation Costs

To ensure its performance and efficiency, home alarm installation is best entrusted to professionals. He will be able to advise on equipment selection, installation of alarm systems and various settings.

The price of installing a siren depends on several factors, such as the type of siren, the complexity of the house, and the number of components to be installed. On average, installing a classic home alarm costs between 300 and 1,500 euros, not including the cost of the equipment.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote for installing alarms. It’s still the surest way to control the price of your home alarm.

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