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Judicial officers are often consulted in the context of disputes, particularly in the rental sector, and they benefit from compensation, which takes into account several factors: it takes into account fees, compensation, and reimbursement costs incurred by bailiffs during their duties. It is now enacted by law and recalculated annually to avoid potential abuse, but it still exists.

Rates based on tasks

In most rental dispute cases, each task entrusted to the bailiff benefits from its own pricing scale.for in stock For example, the pricing varies according to the surface area of ​​the relevant accommodation: EUR 131.50 for an area less than 50 m², EUR 153.20 for an area between 50 and 150 m², and EUR 229.81 for an area over 50 m². All services taken in the case of outstanding debt are also strictly regulated according to the debt amount (allocated according to three tiers between 128 and 1,280 euros). In the case of repossession of abandoned dwellings, the same is true of compulsory bailiff services, from formal notices justifying the occupation of dwellings (between EUR 25.54 and EUR 63.84) to finding abandoned dwellings (EUR 67.67). On the other hand, other services are still priced for free: this is the price legally set by the bailiff for the delivery of the notice or renewal of the lease, even if some fees are still set by the law for any service (travel costs are set at 9.20 euros including VAT, 8.80 EUR for notification to the other party by e-mail).

Special Cases of Evictions

This Eviction Cases Kind of special, even though all the services they need are regulated by law, from eviction reports (€182.57) to inventory reports (€67.66) and more. However, the question of the identity of the creditor responsible for settling bailiff costs still arises in these cases. In this case, it is the legal action framework that determines who will pay. If the eviction is not the subject of legal proceedings, or is decided within the framework of friendly negotiations, it is up to the lessor to pay the bailiff. On the other hand, if the eviction is confirmed by a court judgment, the creditor has the right to demand repayment of the amount incurred by the tenant.

Is it possible to dispute excessive bailiff fees?

Due to its legal framework, bailiff fees are generally no longer contested for their intrinsic value. On the other hand, you can contest marshal fees as long as you can show that the marshal fees are related to unnecessary practices or methods of resolving the requested dispute. You can also contest bailiff fees that you may be required to pay when the judgment of the resolution charges the opposite party. To do this, you will need to issue a subpoena and appear before a magistrate or law enforcement judge with your creditors. The accused bailiff will then be able to defend and demonstrate the merits of his approach before a judge delivers a verdict. Please note that, subject to circumstances, the latter may decide to forego payment of part of the marshal’s fee, corresponding to the amount of the fee that is considered abuse of the service.

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