How Meditation Types Serve as the Effective Ways to Control Anger


Does your anger govern your decisions? Or does it simply mislead you? Trying to get rid of the emotion is like wrestling with your shadow and it doesn’t work at all.  To overcome it you may suppress someone or put it out somewhere you shouldn’t have. Anger damages the personality and mental well-being alongside causes depression and isolation. 

As Deepesh Faucheux quotes “ducks do not do aggression”. How? They fight over a piece of food and simply swim away whereas humans process every thick and thin they have been through. There are several effective ways to control anger. For instance, different types of meditation. 

Online Anger Management Trainings Comes with Different Types of Meditation

Anger, whenever and however it arises, can be taken under control by applying mindfulness and meditation. They offer ways for anger management  online techniques for self. When you encounter an emotion, at first you get caught up in it and later act it out in either positive or a negative way. Here, meditation is the solution as it teaches you how to master the emotion and change a rash by converting the extremely reactive mind state into a responsive, relaxed, and productive one. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Just as the name suggests, mindfulness refers to developing a state of mind where you are more focused and less judgemental. Mindfulness allows you to develop your growth mindset by triggering you to live in the moment and observe what is around you. Simply, sit at a peaceful place, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, thoughts, emotions, and other phenomena around you. 

Mantra Meditation

Mantra is the repetition of a word or phrase that you recite while being in the state of meditation. If you have less capacity to focus, mantra meditation is your key. Just pick out a certain sentence and repeat it over and over again. 

Transcendental Meditation

As previously stated all you need is a mantra but it can be either assigned by a trainer in anger management training online or self-assigned in a definite way. As your mind is in the process of achieving inner peace, the self-mantra repetition allows your body to settle. 

Guided Meditation

Guided or in other words imagery meditation refers to visualization. All you need is to form an imaginary picture in your head. The image can be of any place or situation that has a relaxing effect. While painting this image try to use all of your senses or at least most of them. For instance, smell, hearing, feeling, sight, and emotions. 


A technique for emotional intelligence that originated in India, is a body and brain practice. The most common practices that you may undergo are relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, and physical exercise. As per the survey, yoga is the popular form of practice people perform for mental and physical well-being. 

Qi Gong

Combining multiple concepts, Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing and exercise practice. This technique serves as the bridge for you as it connects meditation, physical movement, breathing, and relaxation. In turn, they maintain the balance between all of these. 

Anger Management for Self Improvement Through Meditation

Can one practice mindfulness meditation to Effective ways to control anger emotions? Or will mantra do the trick? As per a study by PsychologyToday, even a single session of meditation helps overcome extreme emotions, especially anger. So whenever you are on the peak, settle yourself and meditate the anger away. If you meditate daily or at least twice a week there are fewer chances that anger will control you. But if you don’t, the struggle between you and the emotion might be risky. 

What are the Numerous Benefits of Meditation?

People around the world are becoming selfish and will only accept something that benefits them in return. So meditation has various benefits, most importantly for emotional intelligence. 

  1. Meditation increases your acceptance. 
  2. It helps in recognition of the real you.
  3. It increases the patience level and you can better understand the other person.
  4. It reduces the negative thoughts and anger they trigger. 
  5. Meditation actually increases your creativity and not just this, you can imagine better.
  6. It helps you in focusing on the existing situations.
  7. Online anger management training uses mediation as it increases your tolerance and lets you understand the situation with an open mind.
  8. Last but not the least, it reduces stress and lets you celebrate more happiness. 

Bottom Line

To improve the quality of your close relationships,  try to control your anger in more than one way. Why not use the above strategies in life and build better understandings? Practice the “Let it Go”. It is because holding on to the emotion causes more pain. Hence, effective ways for anger management are in line to help you. They mainly include meditation and yoga. 



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