How many changes can be made to the World Cup in Qatar?


follow the Qatar 2022 World Cup and for many this is happening faster than they would like. The group stage had big surprises in store for us and some really great matches in the round of 16. The excitement between the participating teams is at its peak and it shows in the fans, who are glued to the television to find out how the World Cup is going. However, it seems that some rules are not entirely clear. In the end a world It is different and, for example, the rule of substitutions and substitutions requires reading to verify its intricacies and a slight difference with what we have as usual in club competitions. we tell you how many changes can be made in each game of the world cup in qatar 2022.

The Fifaorganizer of Qatar 2022 World Cup, announced the rules of the game and some news, including the number of substitutions that can be made per match and for each team competing in the match. So far in other worlds, the Fifa He had decreed that the replacements were three per national team, as was the custom before the arrival of the coronavirus. Instead, the pandemic has changed everything and the body is adapting to the new reality.

All changes can be made to the 2022 World Cup

The Fifa confirmed in a statement that starting from this Qatar 2022 World Cup, up to five player changes or substitutions can be made for each team in the match. This measure has already been taken by national club competitions, in the case of Santander League Spanish or also for UEFA for the Champions League vague european league.

The five changes have already been established in the world of football and see them in a world is the confirmation. However, one might be surprised at any meeting of the appointment of Qatar 2022 if we see that in a match six substitutions are made by a team, in regulation time. Why might this be the case? The Fifa granted an additional substitution to teams with a player suffering from a concussion, without the player entering the list of stipulated substitutions for the match. Therefore, five switches per squad are activated plus one additional concussion change per hit.

Extension: how many modifications can be made?

This is another of the big questions facing the World Cup and yes, like in other tournaments, in the Qatar 2022 World Cup An additional change can also be made in the event of extra time in one of the playoffs. In this way, Fifa This increases even more, if possible, the possibility of bringing new footballers into this World Cup in Qatar 2022.

How many substitutes are there on the bench at the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

The calls of Qatar 2022 World Cup gave permission, accredited by the Fifa, so that coaches can choose a maximum total of 26 players for the final list of the World Cup. In Russia 2018 There could only be 12 players on the bench, but at Qatar 2022, four years later, the organization accepted a total of 15 footballers per team on the benchwaiting for their opportunity and with the possibility of entering the field of play if the coach deems it necessary.


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