How long should you leave your nails unpainted


Do you remember the last time you saw yours unpainted nails, with their natural color? If the answer is no, this interests you.

People say that enamel affects the oxygenation of the nails, but this is not true for a very simple reason: nails do not breathe. They do not need to be exposed to the air, but receive nutrients through the bloodstream.

Now, although it is not necessary to leave your nails unpainted from time to time, experts recommend that you do so. For how long? One week a month.

You can take advantage of take care of them with olive oil, a natural ingredient with moisturizing and tonic properties.

It’s as simple as pour some olive oil into a glass, soak a cotton ball and apply it on the nails. Let it work for 20 minutes and rinse with very lukewarm water. Then wash your hands with a mild soap.

Reasons why you should stop painting your nails now and then

If you use one nail polish remover with acetone Nails often become much more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections over time.

Ideally, you should use one nail polish remover without acetone that even though it takes longer to dissolve the color, it is much better for the nails.

To this we must add that if you leave the enamel for a long time, when you remove it you may suffer from what is called keratin granulation. What happens is that, in addition to removing the enamel, you also remove the surface layer on the nails and leave some very unattractive white spots.

In short, even if it is not absolutely necessary, it is convenient rest from enamel one week a month. During this time, the nails are strengthened and regain their shine and natural thickness.

How to cut and file nails?

To show beautiful and healthy nails, it is important to know how to cut and file them.

It is much better to file them than to cut them, but in that case a suitable nail clipper should be used. Of course you have to follow the cuticle shape.

To archive them, the cardboard file is much better than the metal file. Before filing your nails, soak them in warm water for a few minutes to soften them. Then file from one side to the other always in the same direction, in long, soft strokes.

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