How Landlord Heaven is tackling the big issues facing homeowners in Nigeria.


The experience of owning a rental property can be rewarding or an outright nightmare. In Nigeria, acquiring a rental property that earns you the title of “Owner” is considered a commendable achievement and gives you a certain level of respect in society. Unfortunately, owning a rental property comes with its fair share of difficulties. Most poorly treated Nigerian landlords regret their investment in residential real estate due to the challenge of finding reliable tenants, dealing with property damage, managing rent collections, evictions and other issues. Each year, more people will invest in residential real estate as a way to grow their investment portfolio, safeguard their retirement income, and leave a legacy for their children. Unfortunately, everyone will face the same set of problems.

Landlord Heaven, a fast growing real estate technology company, is changing the experience for homeowners in Nigeria through its innovative solutions designed to help them maximize their real estate assets and protect their legacy. Landlord Heaven offers owners guaranteed rent, reliable tenants, up to N50 million in renovation financing and preventative maintenance services. They are one of the few real estate technology companies that have focused on the main difficulties that homeowners face and have given them a solution that gets to the root of the problem.

“We see ourselves as a financial and welfare partner of the landlord. No one invests in rental real estate with the intention of losing money, which is why our goal is to give homeowners peace of mind while helping them plug financial leaks and protect their real estate assets.said Ngozi Ewemie, Landlord Heaven’s vice president of growth.

Finding trustworthy and responsible tenants is one of the main challenges Nigerian landlords face. Most landlords and their agents do not perform thorough background checks on potential tenants before renting a property, resulting in problem tenants who do not pay rent. To ensure landlords always receive their rent, Landlord Heaven developed a 4-step process that includes thorough tenant screening and a money-on-time guarantee (should unexpected and unplanned circumstances occur). This guarantee is backed by two of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions.

“The goal is to become partners instead of just property managers. We profit when the owners profit and we lose when the owners lose. Unlike current arrangements, it is a true partnership with equal commitment and aligned incentives. What we offer owners is like going from traditional letter posting to emailing – a huge difference in efficiency and effectiveness.said Busayo Akindele, property manager, Landlord Heaven

Property value degradation is another problem homeowners often face. Most Nigerian landlords entrust their property to caretakers, lawyers or family members who take little or no action to protect it. While handing over to laypeople may seem like a quick fix, the long-term effects on property value, especially after the tenant vacates, are immediately apparent. Some owners spend 2-3 years rent to repair the damage (cautionary fees are a drop in the bucket) or are forced to sell their properties for below market prices. This is such a big problem and PWC estimates that 70% of the more than 40 million apartments in Nigeria are uninhabitable.

To address this issue, Landlord Heaven, after much research, has developed technology-enabled processes to ensure properties are in good condition before, during and after lease cycles. Landlord Heaven also, in collaboration with its financial partners, provides renovation financing to owners. The owners are confident that they can consistently get good rates and pass on great assets to their children/probate. The Landlord Heaven app allows homeowners and their children to stay informed about the status of their property from anywhere in the world.

According to Mr Adebiyia Lagos owner with properties in Lekki, Oniru and Gbagada “Working with Landlord Heaven was one of the best decisions I have made for my properties.” They kept their promises and since then I have told all my friends about their services. My tenant was the first person I took to court, so upon meeting Landlord Heaven, I was especially impressed with his thorough tenant selection process. I have also been a recipient of renovation financing from him. I don’t lose sleep over my properties because I know they are in good hands.”

Landlord Heaven’s entry into the market provides relief for rental homeowners. The company, which currently manages more than 200 apartments for different owners who sing its praises, is confident in its quest to change the residential real estate ecosystem and offer solutions that benefit both tenants and owners.

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