How Joe Lacob and Peter Guber made the Golden State Warriors franchise 12 times more expensive


BUThaving won four NBA titles in the last eight years, Golden State Warriors owners Joe Lacob as well as Peter Guber managed to increase the cost of the franchise from $450 million to $5.6 billion.

lakobwhich is also a minority partner in Boston Celticsas well as Guberwho is the president of Mandalay Entertainment, bought the franchise back in July 2010 for $450 million.

The two men managed to put together a strong side made up of stars such as Stephen Curry,Clay Thompson, Draymond Green as well as Andrew Iguodalawith a coach Steve Kerr We lead the project and convert golden state into a dynasty.

Kevin DuranBoardroom recently explained the evolution of the franchise with a simple graphic on their Instagram page. It should be noted that during was a key part Warriors The team that won the NBA title in 2017 and 2018.

Six NBA Finals and four rings in eight years

lakob as well as Guber had a clear idea of ​​what they wanted to do with the franchise, and their project evolved gradually over the years.

They managed to lead golden state to six NBA Finals in the last eight seasons, winning four rings and turning them into one of the best teams in recent history.


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