How is Muslim Christmas celebrated?


A completely different celebration and also another day that is not December 25th. The Christmas of the Muslims It has nothing to do with Christianity. In fact, most Muslims do not celebrate anything during the last days of December because although Christmas is one of those holidays that has secular and religious roots, and today has cultural ties that transcend the boundaries of Christianity, and although Jesus and Mary are venerated in the sacred Koran, Muslims see Jesus as just a prophet, so since they don’t celebrate the birth of their prophets, they don’t celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas. Next How is Christmas going for Muslims?

It’s Muslim Christmas

The Quran tells the story of the miraculous birth of Jesus and his ability to perform miracles with the help of God. Muslims also believe that Jesus’ mother, Mary, is one of the best and most pious women who ever lived; In this sense, an entire chapter (Sura) of the Koran is dedicated to Mary.

So even though Muslims do not celebrate the birth of Jesus with Christmas celebrations as Christians do, they are not averse to honoring Jesus as one of the most important prophets.

Indeed, for the Muslim religion, Jesus is one of the five most important prophets of Islamand although his birth is not part of the official celebrations of Islamic holidays, it is always commemorated somehow. Those who celebrate it usually do so in mosques with their loved ones, reading the Quran or remembering it in groups.

In Muslim Christmas there are also family meals, although in some cases they also fast, there is nothing very predetermined because it is not an obligatory celebration. In fact, many Muslims are not in favor of celebrating the arrival of Jesus, even though he is also one of their prophets.

What do Muslims commemorate?

The Muslim religion gives itself totally to the celebrations to commemorate the birth of prophet muhammad, a festival called Mawlid al Nabawi and which is celebrated on the 12th day of the month of Rabia I of the lunar calendar so it can vary each year. For example, this 2022 was celebrated on the night of September 26 to 27.

Muhammad was born in Makkah on the twelfth day of Rabi Al-Awwalthe third month of the Islamic calendar, 53 years before the start of the lunar calendar (also called dell’Egira), that is, in 570 after the birth of Christ and what is celebrated in stylebut how do you say on another date and in another way than the Christian Christmas.

Different “Christmas” depending on the country

As in any other religion or culture, Muslims also have their typical dishes and desserts on the dates of “their” Christmas, which can vary mainly depending on the country, although a collective dinner and religious songs are the most widespread practices.

A) Yes, in North Africa it is eaten asida, a candy made from wheat flour served with butter and honey. For Moroccans, it is eaten by hand as well as the couscous which is the main course of dinner, which takes place at the eldest of the family, accompanied by the essential mint tea. And on Christian Christmas, Moroccans would have a simple party that consisted of reading the Koran and singing religious songs.

Egyptians celebrate this holiday with traditional sweets. in the form of children’s toys, which are eaten after the party, and other nut-filled sweets which are given on the first of the month to strengthen social ties and give the little ones the desire to party, while that in the evening the whole family meets at the table and consumes typical dishes.

For Algerians, the fundamental element on Muhammad’s birthday are the Isawa (teams of religious songs that tell the story of the prophet), while the women begin in the morning to embellish houses and balconies with jasmine flowers and incense.


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