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The Covid-19 pandemic has made telehealth an unprecedented focus. Telehealth services have suddenly reduced in-person care due to fears and restrictions caused by the virus.

As the worst days of the pandemic wind down, telehealth is going nowhere.

The ability to provide safe and accessible healthcare, just like working remotely No need to be present The future will remain an important part of the health world.

One company that continues to support telehealth (popular or not) is health faucet. HealthTap is a state-of-the-art telehealth service. It is focused on continuing to provide improved and affordable healthcare access and outcomes through growing telehealth channels.

How HealthTap puts healthcare in the hands of consumers

In the brand’s words, HealthTap’s mission is “to make affordable, high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone in real time.” Founded in 2010, the online company has spent more than a decade making it happen.

Its cutting-edge technology solutions continue to advance the company’s goal of making primary care physicians accessible to everyone in the United States, whether consumers have insurance or not.

This innovative telehealth brand is changing the status quo and paving the way for a healthier, telehealth-enabled future in multiple ways.

Healthcare Reset: Same Healthcare – Different Approaches

The most important factor that sets HealthTap apart from other healthcare solutions is its unique approach to problem solving.

Most similar companies are working to improve failing health care systems. For the HealthTap team, however, the solution had to be backed up and start with a fresh, consumer-centric perspective.

With this in mind, the founders asked key questions.

  • What do consumers want?
  • What are patients looking for?
  • Are they missing specific services from current health solutions? Cost and inconvenience are ingrained in the current system and permeate throughout. Inefficiencies often surface when patients seek simple, straightforward answers to very easy-to-solve health problems.

For example, insurance companies often influence the choice of doctors, procedures, medications, etc. Geographical limitations are also a factor preventing patients from finding the best doctor for their needs.

Under no circumstances should third-party entities with other goals and objectives make such important and highly personal decisions.

Consumers control other aspects of their lives. Logically, they should also be able to make detailed decisions about their healthcare. With this goal in mind, the team at HealthTap is committed to creating its innovative telehealth solution.

Comprehensive Telehealth: An End-to-End Experience with HealthTap

One of the things that helps HealthTap stand out from other telehealth providers is their focus on virtual primary care.

The company has been working to develop a network of doctors who treat each virtual patient as a living, breathing person, not just a set of symptoms.

Members can also choose the same doctor for each appointment. This allows them to build trust over time.

HealthTap combines this personalized touch with a powerful set of technology tools that help keep costs low and service available 24/7.

This end-to-end experience begins with AI asking questions to members, providing a digital “interview,” so to speak. This helps HealthTap’s system triage each patient, categorize their problems, and assign urgency to their care — a sore knee isn’t as urgent as a broken thumb, for example.

From there, the company uses the information to set up virtual consultations with doctors. This can use various telehealth communication channels. For example, text chat, audio, and a combination of video, audio, and text offer patients multiple ways to contact providers—although video is always recommended for maximum efficiency.

This virtual exchange facilitates conversation as patients and doctors discuss symptoms. Physicians can also provide treatment plans as they guide patients through the telehealth experience.

Accessibility: Treatment anytime, anywhere

One of the main factors that makes HealthTap’s telehealth services different from traditional healthcare services is that they are available 24/7.

This ability to provide 24/7 care is more than just convenience. This is essential.

The occurrence of disease is independent of an artificial temporal structure. Traditional medical services are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Unfortunately, this happens during the busiest working hours of any business in the world.

This fact forces individuals to choose between health and work, study and other responsibilities. If they can’t, they must opt ​​for overcrowded and expensive after-hours urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

HealthTap gives consumers a new level of control by enabling them to access healthcare solutions on their agenda.

Affordability: Efficiency translates to lower costs

It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive.The problem has grown over the years, and the recent pandemic is just exacerbated the situation. In fact, in 2020, the first year of the crisis, health spending increased Incredible 10%.

Continued focus on cost makes premium alternatives like HealthTap’s telehealth services attractive because: they can afford.

Quality alternatives are available through the technology-driven format used by HealthTap. Its artificial intelligence and other technological elements automate many manual and mundane healthcare-related tasks. This benefits both the member and the physician, saving time and hassle on both sides of the process.

When time and effort are reduced, it equates to a significant cost reduction. Plus, it’s delivered through a service that the company proudly explains as “less subscriptions than our favorite videos.”

healthy bells and whistles

This innovative approach to healthcare not only avoids many of the inconveniences and costs associated with traditional healthcare systems. The digitally-driven form of telemedicine has also opened the door to unique forms of innovation.

For example, in HealthTap’s system, developers have simplified and customized how personal information is organized and presented. All of HealthTap’s AI information, virtual medical consultation records, prescribed treatment plans, and all other sensitive member information are securely stored in one place.

Due to its digital nature, this information is easily accessible from any digital device at any time of the day or night.

At the same time, the deep industry experience of the HealthTap team allowed them to create a secure and protected system.In a study published in 2018, almost two-thirds Concerns about electronically managed health information.

Privacy protection of sensitive digital data

HealthTap can overcome this problem. He has poured over a decade of work and investment into his network.

The development team is in no rush to build the telehealth infrastructure. Unfortunately, many other providers have switched to this format during the pandemic, which happens quite often.

For HealthTap, they were a telehealth provider even before the crisis started. Therefore, their technical tools are already safe and effective. This allows the company’s R&D team to focus on other priorities, such as growing a network of health care professionals certified by the company’s board of directors.

Having a board-certified healthcare professional ensures that a qualified doctor is always available to answer any call. Additionally, patients can contact professionals from anywhere in the HealthTap community.

Telehealth is here to stay. However, choosing the right telehealth provider can still seem daunting. Consumers must look for options like HealthTap, which provides targeted technology tools, a high-quality network of physicians, and ultimately safe, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions.

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