How drunk can Awamori Jelly with Okinawa alcohol get us?


While in Okinawa, drink (or eat!) awamori!

If you are a fan of trying liquors from around the world, you really should try it Awamori from Okinawa at least once in your life. Distilled from a type of rice known as long-grain indica rice, this liquor is usually very high-percentaged and has been known to get you hooked very quickly, whether you dilute it with water, serve it on the rocks, or drink it straight. However, this does not prevent it from being a popular drink in Japan.

Our Japanese-speaking reporter Kouhey would never miss an opportunity to go to awamori and when he heard about the place he makes “Awamori Jelly” during his last visit to Ishigaki Islandpart of the archipelago southwest of Okinawa known as the Yaeyama Islands, just had to check it out.

How does it taste compared to regular awamori? And more importantly, how strong would the gelatin with awamori be? How many does it take to be pretty drunk? These were the burning questions Kouhey was looking for answers to.

Kouhey found the Awamori Jelly in Awamori Honpo jellya liquor store and bar located in the center of Ishigaki Island near a shopping arcade called “Euglena Mall”.

▼ Inside, different types of Awamori jellies are arranged in neat rows.

These jellies contain actual awamoriso they are considered alcoholics. As such, they should not be consumed by minors or those planning to drive later.

▼ “Warning: Contains awamori.”

They were 11 different types of jellieseveryone made of various brands of awamoriincluding Tamanotsuyu, Yaesen, Miyanotsuru, Seifuku, Omoto and Shirayuri which are distilled locally in Ishigaki.

The owner of this bar is actually a YouTuber who manages the channels Jelly Otoko Channel and Live cam from Ishigaki Island. Sam Jelly Otoko (“Jelly Man”) and his partner Kimitan helped Kouhey choose the jelly and told him all about the product.

Two produce Awamori jelly in-houseincluding checking each product to ensure that no shiikwasa skins or other by-products are left in the final product.

▼ Even put each label on products with great care.

them too pack some of them in gift setswhich are said to be very popular, especially among women. Everything is done manuallywhich gives these gummies an exceptionally unique taste.

Otoko jelly even helped Kouhey choose the order in which his six Awamori jellies should be eaten this will give you the best Awamori jelly experience. Since Kouhey was in Ishigaki, he selected six jellies that use awamori distilled locally in Ishigaki.

The store also offers a place to eat which they call “Yuuchu Bar”so Kouhey settled there to start the experiment.

He started with Miyanotsuru.

The cup was packed so tightly with jelly that he has to be careful not to explode when he opens the lid.

Kouhey is not someone who gets drunk quickly but after just one cup he was already feeling redness in his cheeks. It was like drinking a glass of awamori alone.

So if you’re wondering how many cups of jelly it takes to start feeling the effects… there’s only one answer.

But it sure was delicious! Awamori has some quirks in terms of alcohol bite, depending on the brand, that some people don’t like, but in jelly form, Kouhey felt those obstacles to enjoying awamori became much less. It was more like a very fragrant jelly than an alcoholic beverage, he thought.

But Kouhey wasn’t there to test the taste. He was on a mission to find out how much he had to consume before he felt intoxicated – for safety reasons. Don’t forget, he told himself as he opened another.

His second jelly was made of Shirayuri awamori.

This one was pretty delicious too! Shirayuri has a really quirky aroma, enough that the locals either love it or hate it.

But when poured into jelly, it was really light. Kouhey finished it in no time and moved on to number three, Yaesen

…which he also devoured.

At this point, after three cups of Awamori jelly, Kouhey was already drunk and i feel damn good.

▼ Kouhey’s cheeks got a little redder.

Next was the so-called Seifuku Awamori jelly…

Next tamanotsuyu

And finally Omoto.

And then he ate all six!

at this time Kouhey’s face turned lobster redbut he wasn’t dead drunk. He was only a little drunk, or maybe just very tipsy. (For my own account, anyway.)

So at least for Kouhey, he would say three jellies of Awamori are enough to drinkand six will make you feel drunk. Of course, everyone has a different level of alcohol tolerance, so please use this as a reference, not an actual guide, and please drink (or, for that matter, eat) responsibly.

Awamori Jelly Honpo has it too many ways to enjoy awamori as part of senbero, (literally “1,000 yen drunk”), a term used for cheap evening drinking. For example, from Awamori Senbero you can get four glasses of awamori for just 1,000 yen (US$7.04), which is an absolute steal considering that at this bar one glass costs at least 500 yen.

In addition, the restaurant has unbelievable selection of rare brandsthat you’ll probably never find on the mainland, so this is an awamori fan’s dream come true.

With so many to choose from, it would be hard to pick just four, but if you tell Jelly Otoko and Kimitan your preferences, They will kindly create a lot for you and even tell you what order you should drink them in.

Kouhey likes those with relatively unique flavors, so they picked these four for him:

Of course, his awamori was served the way he likes it best, which is on stones.

After drinking these four, Kouhey felt pretty good, so he went to the second round. This time he asked Jelly Otoko and Kimitan to choose four valuable awamori which are usually not included Senbera menu price range.

They were all so good! He ended up spending 2,500 yen on them, but that’s a price you’ll absolutely never find in mainland Japan, especially with these particular brands. What’s more, you can’t beat the amazing customer service! Kouhey had a good time.

If you find yourself on Ishigaki Island, be sure to check out Awamori Jelly Honpo. And while traveling, don’t forget to try the Ishigaku heavenly bread and explore the quaint Yonekoyaki Shisa Garden. There’s plenty to do on paradise island if you know where to look!

Bar information
Awamori Honpo jelly
Okinawa-ken Ishigaki-shi Okawa 280-7
Hours: from 11:00 to 21:00 (may change depending on the day)
Closed: Thursdays (subject to change depending on the season)
Youtube: Jelly Otoko Channel

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