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PPT and its managing body establish the minimum quality standards that every professional paddle tennis tournament must have, and all of this, following a model very similar to the one used in professional tennis with its current ATP 1000 models, where each organizer has some exploitation rights of your event respecting the minimum established in different areas, such as communication, marketing, infrastructures, awards, disciplinary and common technical regulations as well as other essential elements to be able to carry out a professional  epl중계 event, and that have been established by the different managing bodies of PPT.

In order to ensure the rigor that is attempted to be established

in this Professional Circuit, PPT is organized into commissions and committees in addition to the Board of Directors: executive commission, technical committee, marketing committee and disciplinary committee.

Currently, I am working as Director of three of the 20 tournaments that make up the Circuit calendar for this 2011, specifically the events in Valladolid, Gijón and Madrid, and on which I am going to base the development of this experience. Logically, I could develop many aspects of these Tournaments that I have been directing since the beginning of the Circuit in 2005, but I am going to focus on two interrelated aspects that I believe are the pillar of the success of an event of these characteristics, such as communication and marketing. I believe that these aspects “sprinkle” all the fields of a sporting event, both in the field of sponsorship, event production, prior management, etc.

Marketing and professional sports events of pedal

Marketing, if we follow his theory, is a word of English origin that refers to marketing or marketing, which aims to study the behavior of markets and consumers. Its main objectives are to retain and retain customers through the satisfaction of their needs. Colloquially, marketing is known as the set of issues that refer to the four “P”: product, price, place (distribution) and advertising or promotion. Focusing on the experience that I am covering, the marketing of this event is a fundamental tool in the entire process of design, development, evaluation and reformulation of the event and that encompasses the four aforementioned “P”.

The marketing strategy marks the entire event,

hence the stage of its initial definition based on the improvement of the previous tournament, is the most important stage of the project. The development of the entire tournament, its commercial success (both for sponsors and spectators, our main clients), the satisfaction of the players, the image abroad as well as the image of the city where the tournament takes place, are aspects key to take into account in the development of the strategic marketing plan for each of the tournaments.

The development of the Strategic Marketing Plan is developed in different areas, but we cannot forget that it is a first approach, that is to say, that although it must be as adjusted as possible to the Tournament that we want to develop, like all events, it is an event “alive”, so we must have some flexibility to modify them according to the needs that arise in its development.

This means that the improvement is continuous in our Tournaments,

since one of them ends, and immediately afterwards, we start working on the following year’s Tournament. This is a key factor for innovation in our Tournaments.

In this definition, we are now in a position to make a budget for the Tournament. This budget must be as detailed as possible, since only in this way, we will be able to know what actions we can carry out from our strategic marketing plan, knowing its cost and the profit margin it would give us. In this budget, we will collect the direct costs (infrastructures that must be hired, awards, hiring, materials…), the indirect costs (hours of team work: designers, production, journalists…) As well as amortization of other elements.

Definition of the communication plan The definition of this plan,

intimately related to the previous one as already mentioned, will determine the success of the Tournament in a high percentage. This is so, because the communication plan is attractive, it will or will not attract new sponsors or retain the ones we already have, it will cause there to be an interest among the paddle tennis fans and society in general to attend an event of these characteristics. , will have a greater media presence, etc. That is why I develop this communication plan in greater depth at a specific point in this experience.







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