How did Ronnie Terrell Williams die? Find out the cause of his death, obituary and more


It is with deep disappointment that the world has recently learned of the passing of Ronnie Terrell Williams, often known as DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss, freestyle hip-hop dancer, choreographer, actor, TV producer and TV personality. He was much loved in the entertainment industry and in his private life as the husband of Allison Holker and the father of their two children. Continue reading this text to learn more

Who was Ronnie Terrell Williams?

Ronnie Terrell Williams, often known as DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss, was born on September 29, 1982. He began his dancing career at the age of 5 when he was found by an agent who spotted him dancing on a tap in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

After moving to Los Angeles, he quickly gained notoriety as a dancer and choreographer. He performed on shows similar to So You Assume You Can Dance and America’s Greatest Dance Crew and later became the resident DJ of The Ellen DeGeneres Present. His professional track record has included working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Pink, Usher and Shakira. In addition to working for various artists, tWitch also had his own personal gift Step Up: Excessive Water, which aired for 3 seasons from 2018 to 2020 on YouTube Premium.

Leisure outside

Outside of his spare time work, DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss can be remembered for his heart and coronary spirit. He has been recognized for his civil rights philanthropy and training reform through organizations like Educate For America and Black Lives Matter World Community Basis. He was additionally a devoted homemaker who cherished the time he spent with his spouse Allison Holker and their two children Maddox Laurelle Boss (born 2016) and Zaia Boss (born 2020).

How did Ronnie Terrell Williams die? what was the cause of his death

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, Ronnie Terrell Williams died at the age of 40 in an apparent suicide. The day before his wife’s death, Allison Holker, alerted the Los Angeles Police Department that he had left the apartment without a car, which was out of character for him. Officers were known to a Los Angeles resort where he did not look at the room, and upon investigation they discovered that he had taken his personal life with a gunshot wound. This tragedy will certainly have far-reaching consequences for the entire group.

Ronnie Terrell Williams obituary

Ronnie Terrell Williams was a beloved and promising creature whose life was tragically quickly minimized. He may be greatly missed by his household, co-workers and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. Ronnie has influenced all of us, regardless of our younger age. The overall scale of his potential was exceptional and my heart aches for this sudden loss. Our condolences go out to Ronnie’s family members at this painful time and our prayers should bring comfort to their bereavement. Ronnie will remain in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten.

Tribute to Ronnie Terrell Williams Death

isrew turet

Motel staff discovered DJ STEPHEN “TWITCH” BOSS dead in the restroom due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Stephen’s wife, Allison, panicked when she reported her husband missing – saying that he was nothing like him and that he had left his car at the apartment.

Georgia Therapist

I had a best friend who committed suicide after we were 14 years earlier. You see what I went through as a kid. I didn’t get through it by any means. She knew me a few minutes before she took the photos herself. At 14, I didn’t know the gauges, but I was good enough to know one thing was wrong, mostly from our dialogue. I thought about all this that evening and couldn’t sleep. I even heard a gunshot, but I tried to put it out of my mind. I figured it was her. Think about getting on the bus and getting ready for her to take the seat next to you. Think about going to class and the counselor calls you to your workplace asking questions. Think about asking about her stuff that was in your locker. I dealt with this trauma for several years and dreamed many times where we mentioned why she did it. In my cells, we held hands all the time, jumped up and down and talked about the reasons why her life ended. She came to my cells almost every day. God was preparing me to do His work, but I was like Jonah, refusing to obey and trying to act. I promised myself that under no circumstances would I deal with suicidal people, but my whole observation, along with my internship, was dealing with suicidal buyers. Some smuggled shoelaces into hospital pockets to try to suffocate. Some have tried to jump off bridges. While I am still traumatized by it, I have found that I can fix it
bigger than me. I can’t forget I signed up for it. In the last 3-4 years, there were only a few people on my Facebook co-workers list who had suicidal thoughts. I knew the indicators, although I had no personal connection with them. I’ve sent a message to everyone to let them know I’m there to listen and advise at no cost. Two of them committed suicide, and the other one came to me for advice. All three were men. Men… There’s nothing wrong with asking for help! We would like, and above all, we would like you to apply yourself. You can be sad about life experiences if you happen to not learn instruments to stick to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with expressing how you feel. The social definition of a strong man is inaccurate. You are a unique person and should not be put on an equal footing with others because your desires are usually not the same as everyone else’s. A powerful man allows himself to truly feel. If he wants to, he becomes emotional, if he wants to, he cries, he is not afraid to ask for help. Society tells you that a brawny man has to suck it up and take care of it. Pls don’t follow the standard. Let’s make getting help a whole new normal. 🙏🏽

Tyana Simmons

I only shed a few tears watching this this morning 😢

Michelle Obama
I used to be devastated to learn of the passing of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, whom I’ve known over the years through my Let’s Transfer! initiative and visits to The Ellen Present. Stephen was an unimaginable force – someone who radiated kindness and positivity and made those around him feel that too. We felt his spirit in every dance, in every DJ set, in every bit of creativity he gave up in life. My heart goes out to his wife, Allison, and their three children, Weslie, Maddox and Zaia.

And if any of you in the market are struggling and need someone to talk to, please know that you are by no means alone. Someone is always ready to help. You can call the Suicide and Disaster Helpline by calling 988.

Everyone who had the pleasure of pursuing or working with Stephen “tWitch” Boss will always remember him or everything he gave the world again, each professionally and personally. Could any of us take comfort in knowing that we are now at peace after having touched so many lives throughout our lives. Our ideas are with our extended house dances on this very unfortunate day. Relax in the room Stephen “tWitch” Boss – we will miss you, but we will not forget!


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