How corporations and a nonprofit teamed up to stop the red wave


The IRS allowed the left to ‘Rock the Vote’ in the midterm elections.

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The left’s most successful youth voter engagement operation began when a Fort Lauderdale record store owner was arrested for selling 2 Live Crew’s’as nasty as they want to bealbum.

The record store owner was convicted on obscenity charges after Judge José González denounced the rap album, which contains tracks like ‘Me So Horny’ and ‘Dick Almighty,’ for its “references to violence against women and abusive sex. The record store owner would later be arrested for selling cocaine and was charged with selling crack from his store.

While it didn’t have a happy ending, music industry executives at Virgin Records, concerned about the impact of obscenity rulings on their bottom line, created rock the vote. Officially, its purpose was to mobilize youth participation to prevent the country from being run by older politicians who just didn’t “get the youth,” or at least the destructive culture that older executives were fostering among the youth, but RTV was a Democratic voter turnout. operation from the beginning.

“Did you know that young voters canceled all voters 65 and older by 2022?” Rock the Vote recently bragged. The voters who wanted to override were Republicans and moderate Democrats.

Music industry executives co-founded Rock the Vote with Steve Barr, the Democratic Party’s chief financial officer. The voter turnout operation, famous since its MTV days, helped estrange Democrats from Tipper Gore’s party and from the party of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

In the 1980s, Hollywood and the Democrats tried to appeal to the normative values ​​of Central America. In the ’90s, they were triumphantly thrown overboard and redefined as the avant-garde transgressors who were leaving the Republican heavyweights behind. Democrats in the 1980s had criticized the excesses of the entertainment industry, but by the 1990s, beginning with Bill Clinton, they had become politically and culturally inseparable from it.

And that’s how ‘Me So Horny’ led to a youth voter engagement operation that played a big role in the midterm elections where Democrats were dependent on their vote.

Faced with widespread discontent from virtually every adult demographic, with Latino, Jewish, Asian and even black voters leaning Republican, they bet on Generation Z. And it worked.

Amid a dire economy and a crime wave, Democrats found themselves buoyed by a demographic less likely to share adult concerns about the economy, schools and public safety, and more likely buoyed by narratives ideological ghosts on social justice, abortion and global warming

Democrats enjoyed the highest youth voter turnout in a generation with a 31% turnout. Especially in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.

That doesn’t just happen.

Rock the Vote, which claims to be nonpartisan and can only operate on the condition that it does not express a party preference, posted an officially branded chart, bragging, “Why wasn’t 2022 a red wave? The youth vote. Young voters were the only age group with strong majority support among Democrats.”

This partisan message, like the entire RTV agenda, is a gross violation of the tax code.

In the midterm elections, Rock the Vote used social media influencers to guide youth voting. The organization later published a list of Gen Z politicians whom they described as “ruling the polls and getting elected.” All three were Democrats. There were no Republicans on the list.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost, had been the organizing director of the March for Our Lives, which partners with Rock The Vote. Nabeela Syed was a veteran of Emily’s List. Cassandra Levesque was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. RTV championed not only Democrats, but also leftists backed by the partisan groups with which it was associated. Yet another abuse of its status as a non-profit organization.

RTV’s featured civic tech partners are a damning list of radical leftist groups and political allies like Black Lives Matter, March for Our Lives, MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, The Arab American Institute, assorted unions, the NAACP, the National Iranian American Council: known to some as the ‘Iran Lobby’ and CAIR. ‘as nasty as they want to be‘ Of course.

Missing from the list is anything remotely resembling a conservative or right-leaning group.

What began with Madonna’s rhyme, “Dr. King, Malcolm X/Free speech is as good as sex” now has Black Lives Matter’s DeRay McKesson directing at RTV. But behind the pop culture were the industries that were able to influence elections while partnering with a non-profit organization.

Rock the Vote has partnered with NBA teams, Cox cable, Foot Locker, Gap, WarnerMedia, Macy’s and Yelp, to name a few of the companies that participate in its ‘Brands for Democracy.’

While officially RTV is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit, its director, Jessica Reeves, currently serves “as a political appointee in the Biden-Harris Administration as Director of Public Engagement in the Small Business Administration.” Companies”.

Rock the Vote is not only nonpartisan, but has a direct connection to the Biden administration’s public engagement team. That makes it not only partisan, but one that is being partly monitored from within the administration of a potential presidential candidate. That is blatantly illegal.

The upper echelons of RTV are teeming with Democratic political operatives.

Muthoni Wambu Kraal, another director, worked for the DCCC, Obama, and as the National Political and Organizing Director of the Democratic National Committee. He is also on the ActBlue board of directors. RTV President Carolyn DeWitt worked the 2012 Democratic convention.

Amanda Brown Lierman, co-chair of RTV, is also a campaign manager for a left-wing SuperPAC and previously worked for Obama. An official with a partisan SuperPAC playing a role in what he claims to be a nonpartisan nonprofit organization involved in the election is a major red flag.

But there is little ambiguity about the fact that Rock the Vote is a Democratic voter engagement operation run by people who have specialized in attracting Democratic voters.

Rock the Vote was at the forefront of combining corporate partnerships and non-profit organizations to boost Democratic voter registration and turnout. Since then, the Rock the Vote model has become the Democratic standard without the IRS lifting a finger against a nonprofit that blatantly violates the tax code.

As discussed in Internal Radical Service By David Horowitz and John Perazzo, a pamphlet from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the IRS has left the permissive to build massive nonprofit networks to further its political agenda. That includes campaign operations.

In my recent talk, I broke down how Democrats have replicated every element of their campaign operations through nonprofit organizations, so every public estimate of election spending is a long way off because it doesn’t account for the massive impact of 501 ( c) (3) cash that secures voter registration, messaging, and turnout to invisibly shape and influence election outcomes.

The effects, like the recent midterms, seem unnatural and impossible unless you understand what the machine fueled by massive amounts of collected data and virtually unlimited amounts of tax-free cash from major donors and corporate alliances is doing behind the scenes.

Rock the Vote’s agenda, which is by no means shy, is to uphold elements of the leftist agenda and elect Democrats to implement them. Or as RTV put it: “Whether it’s climate justice, healthcare, inflation, reproductive rights, education, or something else, there’s a lot on the nerd right now. Don’t let your voice go unnoticed!”

RTV’s partisan activities mean it does not have the right to operate as a 501(c)(3). He is directly involved in fundraising to mobilize partisan voter registration and voter turnout. Voter registration and disclosure by nonprofit organizations is only legal on the condition that it is “done in a nonpartisan manner.” RTV never operated in a non-partisan manner and certainly isn’t now.

But Rock the Vote abuses of the tax code have become all too common among nonprofits, as discussed in the David Horowitz Freedom Center series on the IRS and nonprofit abuses.

The midterm elections demonstrated just how effective the Democrats have become in illegally using their non-profit organizations to find voters who outweigh the public will.

And what that means is that we are all subsidizing a left-wing political machine.

ace Internal Radical Service by David Horowitz and John Perazzo, the Democrats have built a massive nonprofit political machine funded by taxpayers and abetted by the IRS. The DNC can afford to spend as little as $5 million on its voter registration drive because most of the work is already being done by an army of nonprofits with nearly endless budgets.

But a new generation of elected officials and researchers may be ready to shake up the vote.


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