How a feminist behaves when her son is accused of rape


BUT a young man goes to a party with a girl and they end up having sex. The next morning, the young man is arrested by the police at his home. accused of rape. This is the premise Accusedthe French movie he’s talking about this week Andrew Arconada to whom history left him “very restless” as it is “a different movie, a mind-boggling movie, a very topical movie, like a rape movie.”

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Frame from the film “The Accused”.

Is the young man guilty or innocent? Is the girl a victim or revenge, as the accused claims? And most importantly, is it really one? The story also has many other seasonings. “The young man has no origin and belongs to a good family, he visits Paris as he studies in the United States,” explains the critic digital freedom D EsRadio.

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Frame from the film “The Accused”.

When he returns, his mother convinces him to bring his boyfriend’s daughter to the party, who is also visiting, escaping her very religious mother, for whom almost everything is a sin. The accused youth’s mother important feminist discussion which is clearly positioned as to whether, for example, the nationality of the perpetrators should be indicated.

Frame from the film “The Accused”.

With the arrest of a young man, not only his life, but his entire family will turn upside down. The mother considers her innocent, the mother’s boyfriend considers her daughter. The spectator will be present at the moment when the trial begins.really not knowing what happenedwhether the violation is true or not, we are going to move forward in the lawsuit along with the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator” and “from now on causes great concern throughout the entire film”.

Frame from the film “The Accused”.

At the end of the film, the viewer will be able to see part of what happened, “had to take a stand because they didn’t finish explaining it either”, which for Arkonada “is best in Accused“. Critic digital freedom D EsRadio also stands out from Accused that this is a “greatly played film by all the actors”, but I would like to especially note Charlotte Gainsbourg“which makes a very special character a woman who, among other things, has dedicated herself to feminist activism and sees her son involved in something she completely rejects, such as rape.”

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Frame from the film “The Accused”.

Definitely, “Accused This is a great film that everyone who loves cinema should watch because it is highly recommended.” Accused The plot is based on the French novel of the same name. Karin Thuil and this is a director’s film Ivan Attal and starring his son, Ben Attal.


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