Houston police just officially charged a suspect in Takeoff’s murder: See mugshot


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Ever since the news of his death, fans have been searching for answers as to who killed Takeoff and how the Migos member died.

Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, was the youngest member of the hip-hop trio Migos, along with his uncle, Quavo, and his first uncle, Offset. Since Migos’ first single “Versace” in 2013, the group has scored several top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including “Motorsport,” “Stir Fry,” “Walk It Talk It,” and “Bad and Boujee”, which reached number one. The group has also received two Grammy Award nominations.

Takeoff, who was born on June 18, 1994 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, died on November 1, 2022 in a shooting in Houston, Texas. He was 28 years old. In an interview on the “Drink Champs” podcast a week before his death, Takeoff talked about how he wanted to be recognized for his work while he was still alive and not when he was dead. I’m calm, I’m relaxed, but it’s time to blow it up. I want to get into my flow. Time to give me my flowers. I don’t want them when I’m not here,” he said at the time.

Following the news of his death, Drake, who collaborated with Migos on the 2018 song “Walk It Talk It,” paid tribute to Takeoff in an Instagram post. “I have the fondest memories of all of us seeing the world together and bringing light to every city we touch. That’s what I’ll focus on for now. rest easy spaceman,” he captioned a photo of him and Takeoff from their Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour in 2018. SZA also paid tribute to Takeoff in a tweet. “This Takeoff shit is so weird… I really am scared for the world. I cried . God bless the spirit of that man, his family and his friends. SUCH A TALENTED SOUL…ion I understand,” he wrote. Machine Gun Kelly was another rapper who paid tribute to the late Migos member. “I had the honor of being on migo’s first mixtape back in 2009… It’s crazy what they’ve done since then. I was so proud of that album that Cho and Takeoff had just put out, the bars and production was so bad, I’m glad I got to experience SOME of the flowers from him while he was here. RIP Take 🕊,” he tweeted at the time.

So who killed Takeoff and how did he die? Read on to find out what police know so far about who shot and killed Takeoff and his cause of death.

Who killed Takeoff?

Takeoff 4 Houston Police Just Officially Charged Suspect In Takeoffs Murder: See Mugshot

Image: Jeff Hahne/Getty Images.

Who killed Takeoff? The Houston Police Department charged Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, on December 2, 2022, with Takeoff’s murder. “Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, charged with the murder of Kirshnik Khari Ball (Takeoff),” the police department tweeted at the time with a mugshot of the suspect. Cameron Joshua, 22, was also charged with felony possession of a weapon in connection with Takeoff’s death.

Prior to the charges, the Houston Police Department asked the public for any information regarding Takeoff’s death at a press conference on November 1, 2022. “We are looking for any information at this time,” said Investigator Sgt. Michael Arrington main case. he said at the time. “We know that the media has received many phone calls, text messages, tweets, vines, videos. We need all of you to send them to us so we can solve this case.” He continued: “We want to find justice for this family. They are going through a lot right now… Help us stop and get charges and arrest the person responsible for Takeoff’s death.”

Migos’ record label, Quality Control Music, also reported in a statement on November 1, 2022 that Takeoff was killed by a “stray bullet” and not by an intentional gunshot. “It is with broken hearts and deep sadness that we mourn the loss of our beloved brother Kirsnick Khari Ball, known to the world as Takeoff. Senseless violence and a stray bullet have taken another life from this world and we are devastated,” he read in the statement. “Please respect his family and friends as we all continue to process this monumental loss.” online radar it also reported that Takeoff was not the primary target and was caught in the “crossfire” of the shooting. The site also reported that Takeoff and the shooter were not arguing before he was shot. “Whatever happens, it had nothing to do with Takeoff,” the source said.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner at the press conference also revealed that he believed the suspect, or suspects, were guests at the party Takeoff attended at 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston on Halloween night. “And if it was your brother? What if it was your son? Please come forward,” he said at the press conference. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner assured the public at the press conference that Takeoff’s killer will be found. “We will solve this case. We will find the shooter or shooters,” he said.

In a video posted by TMZ on November 2, 2022, a day after Takeoff’s death, Quavo could be seen in an altercation with short dreadlocks holding a gun at his side. The man was wearing a navy blue T-shirt, cap and a black crossbody bag with patches. The Houston Police Department confirmed to TMZ that the man is a person of interest in Takeoff’s death. According to the video, the man does not fire the first shot, however, TMZ reports that about five seconds after the first shot, he is seen raising his gun and apparently firing it. The video also shows Quavo walking behind the man two seconds before the first shot was fired.

How did Takeoff die?

Takeoff 3 Houston Police Just Officially Charged Suspect In Takeoffs Murder: See Mugshot

Image: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella.

How did Takeoff die? Takeoff, whose real name was Kirsnick Khari Ball, was shot and killed in the early morning hours of November 1, 2022, outside the front door of 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas. He was 28 years old. TMZ reported that Takeoff and his bandmate and uncle, Quavo, were at the bowling alley playing craps when a fight broke out and someone opened fire, shooting Takeoff in the head or near the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Houston Police Department also reported at a press conference at the time that two other people were shot at the party and taken to the local area hospital in private vehicles with “non-life-threatening injuries.” They were a 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman. “They’re both going to be fine.” Quavo was not hurt.

“This morning at 2:34 am officers received a call of a shooting in progress. Officers arrived there shortly after: a downtown location, Billiards & Bowling Alley. They came across a man who had passed away. That male has been identified as Kirshnik Ball, better known as Takeoff. He is a member of the rap group Migos, from Atlanta,” Houton Police Chief Troy Finner said at the news conference. He continued: “I got a lot of calls from Houston and out of Houston. And everyone was talking about what a great young man this is, how peaceful he is. What a great artist.”

Houston Police Sgt. Michael Arrington added: “A private party was booked for the event; after it was over, a large group of people gathered in the front door area outside the building, and that led to an argument about where the shooting occurred. the disagreement,” he said. “Many of the people who were there fled the scene and did not stick around to give a statement. We are asking you to call us at the homicide division or, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers. We are looking for any information right now, any video, any information. We need all of you to send them to us so we can solve this case. We are looking for anything to help us. We want to find justice for this family.”

In audio of the 911 call obtained by TMZ, emergency dispatchers could be heard discussing the incident, reporting that there were five shots fired and that the caller heard gunshots and people screaming. In video of the shooting posted by TMZ, Quavo could also be heard talking on the phone with an emergency dispatcher as a woman on the scene who said she was a nurse was helping Takeoff. “What does she have to do?” Quavo said.

At the press conference, Chief Finner revealed that Takeoff’s mother, Migos member Quavo’s sister, immediately flew to Houston after his death. “I spoke to this young man’s mother just an hour ago; she flew here from out of town. I want everyone to understand the pain, the suffering of a mother. Very hard,” Finner said. “And I told him, while we support any victim of violence or any victim of homicide, his family, we support them in this city, in this police department. I want to thank our homicide unit under the direction of Commander Spears for doing a great job, time and time again.” He continued: “I ask that we all pray for his mother, his family and all of his friends who are still in deep pain and shock at this time. We have no reason to believe that he was involved in anything criminal at the time. Calm, affectionate, great entertainer.”

Chief Finner also took a moment to comment on the hip-hop community, explaining that the community gets a “bad name” because of the number of rappers that have been murdered in recent years. “I know a lot of great people in our hip-hop community and I respect them,” he said. “I call on everyone, all hip hop artists, in Houston and across the country. We have to watch ourselves. We all need to come together and make sure no one destroys that industry.”


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