Hook Entertainment CEO Threatens to Kill Lee Seung Gi


Hook Entertainment and actor Lee Seung Gi have long been in the spotlight with the pay controversy. Lee Gi is a well-known South Korean singer, actor, host and entertainer.

Lee Seung Gi had worked with Hook Entertainment for a very long time, but now a conflict has started between the two. Earlier this month, Hook Entertainment was raided by the National Police Service’s Criminal Investigation Division.

Later, former member of the company, Seung Gi, asked for transparent records of his earnings and music. Hook Entertainment responded with a statement, and on November 24, Seung Gi’s legal representative stepped forward to respond. They also made an official statement on the subject.

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Here’s More About Hook Entertainment’s CEO’s Voice Threatening to Kill Lee Seung Gi.

Now, new audio footage has been released of Kwon Jin Young, the CEO of Hook Entertainment, threatening Lee Seung Gi. The CEO made life-threatening comments to singer Lee Seung Gi on the audio recording.

Before the audio was released, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative mentioned in a statement that he was called a “minus singer”.

Fans went crazy after hearing this. Kwon Jin Young, CEO of HOOK Entertainment, allegedly threatened to spend the rest of his life trying to “kill Seung Gi” in a horrific audio tape made public by Dispatch on November 23.

It is believed that an agency employee made the audio recording after learning that Seung Gi had applied for a profit certificate.

According to reports, the recording was made during a meeting attended by several staff members, including the CEO, Seung Gi’s manager, and an executive. According to the tape, CEO Kwon Jin Young allegedly harassed a worker who was responsible for the money but did not do so.

The CEO allegedly discussed himself and his anger management issues. He verbally abuses the player for asking for his accounting records and allegedly threatens to kill him. The tape also shows Seung Gi’s supposed manager sobbing and receiving consolation from another employee.


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