Home Depot employee assaulted by thief has died. Hillsborough police seek suspect. -thelocalreport.in


An elderly Home Depot employee who was assaulted in October by a man fleeing with stolen merchandise has died, according to the Hillsborough Police Department.

Police are still seeking the public’s help in identifying the person wanted for the Oct. 18 larceny and assault that resulted in the employee’s death.

Gary Rasor, 83, died on Dec. 1 from complications from injuries he suffered in the attack.

In surveillance footage released by police, the suspect was seen fleeing the Home Depot at 625 Hampton Pointe with a shopping cart filled with three stolen pressure washers.

The surveillance footage of the incident was posted to the police department’s Facebook page and caused a stir among people on social media who were angry about the incident.

Rasor, then 82, stepped out in front pf him in the outdoor garden center of the store as the man fled. The man pushed Rasor down to the concrete floor and kept going.

Rasor was hospitalized with several broken bones.

The suspect fled in a white, four-door Hyundai Sonata with a North Carolina temporary tag obscured from witnesses.

Police are still seeking the public’s help in identifying the person responsible for a larceny in October that has now resulted in the death of a Home Depot employee in Hillsborough.

The North Carolina medical examiner has ruled the death of a homicide, according to the police.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hillsborough Investigator Andrew Jones by e-mail or at 919-296-9562.


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